Bar end shifters, help installing....?

Discussion in 'Cross Country, All Mountain & Trail Riding' started by Cajonezzz, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Cajonezzz

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    Mar 8, 2003
    oceanside ca
    I've got a pair of Dura ace bar end shifters off of ebay that I'd like to install on my new Cross-check.

    I'm looking at these things and not seeing how to install them. Does the ratchet have to be removed from the plug part first? Anyone have a link to installation/pics?

    thanks lot's.


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  2. recidivist

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    Aug 29, 2002
    Soquel, Cali
    Yeah. So first you've got to remove the 'lever' from the 'bracket'. Basically undo the pivot screw (big flat bladed screwdriver). It comes apart into a few pieces, so keep an eye out. As a historical sidenote, the lever is a downtube shifter, which is why the whole thing comes apart.

    Now you can get an allen key into the bracket to mess with the thing that goes in the bars. Tighten that up on the bar, with the cable guide bit pointed downward.

    Now you can reassemble the shifter/lever. Just by inspection there are only a couple of ways the pieces can go together, but it typically takes me a couple of tries to ensure it goes together in such a way that I get all 9 clicks on the right side. If you don't, take it apart, rotate appropriate parts 90 degrees and try again. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense till you've tried it.

    Right. Typically 'full swing' on the shifter is nearly straight down to nearly straight up, so the right should have 9 clicks (in index mode) or smooth shifting (in friction) over that whole range. The left should be smooth over the whole range.

    It isn't so bad.