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    So the first round of the ProGRT kicked off this weekend with a huge bang. Danny Hart took the win for the men, with Jill Kintner following up last year's performance with another win. Check out the results and vids inside.

    It is clear that Danny Hart came to play this year; everyone's known the kid is one of the fastest things going right now, and his loose style makes him a fan favorite (remember Val di Sol?). This is his first win of the season, he'll be looking to do further damage in two weeks time in Pietermaritzburg. Also on the podium was American Duncan Riffle in second and Giant's other international racer Andrew Neethling. Congrats boys!

    On the female end of the spectrum it was Jill Kintner once again locking up the victory, continuing her string of ProGRT dominance. Whistler local Miranda Miller pulled off a second place finish while Katherine Short rounded out the top three.

    Results - Pro Men

    1. Danny Hart
    2. Duncan Riffle
    3. Andrew Neethling
    4. Rich Rude
    5. Bryn Atkinson
    6. Mikey Sylvestri
    7. Dean Tennant
    8. Cody Warren
    9. Tyler Immer
    10. Mitch Ropelato
    11. Curtis Keene
    12. Luke Strobel
    13. Chris Heath
    14. Lars Sternberg


    1. Jill Kintner
    2. Miranda Miller
    3. Katherine Short
    4. Darian Harvey
    5. Jaime Rees
    6. Dawn Fidler
    7. Gabriela Williams
    8. Mary Moncorge
    9. Jennifer Wolf
    10. Ana Rodriguez

    Transition showing you how to cheer at a ProGRT!

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    #4 - "Richie" Rude, his father is Rich Rude ;)

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