Vintage Mountain bike ride 1st Saturday of the month

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    We're doing an earlyish start on Saturdays because throughout the year my Sunday's are event full (full of events and subsequently eventful) and I have to get to the shop by 11am, two hours of ride time being the minimum in my mind of how long a ride should be to make people want to come out. Thus a 7:30 start will yield 2-3 hours of fun. Drink some coffee and once you're on the saddle you'll forget getting up so early. We want vintage bikes but if you don't have one and want to ride with us anyway, that's fine, we don't hate on new mountain bikes (not that much). We're going to stick to the same mountain range because it's easily accessible and offers a lot of variety so we can do all kinds of rides to challenge near anyone and make it different every time. This will also help increase numbers and allow people to easily pick up rides as they match their schedule as life will often get in the way of having a good time. If the ride is too easy (it won't be, "moderate" is a relative term) you can always ride more. If you want a harder ride and live on the west side, you can climb over the range and meet us for the ride back. If the group gets large enough there will of course be a fast and slow group, that's normal and to be expected. The goal is to have fun, enjoy riding, and enjoy the great early mountain bikes that we're meant to be ridden hard. If you're a hardcore racer that can't slow down or an elitist bike snob collector that won't take your precious bike out on the dirt, you may not have fun, you may, the only way to know for sure is to come out and try, you're invited. Of course we can't be all things to all people, but being the fool that I am I will give it my best effort. Please take the flyer from this site and spread it around if you'd please.
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