Volunteer Info For UCI MTB World Championships

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    Jun 26, 2009
    Only 25 days left before UCI Mountain & Trials world championships!
    Volunteering: a must for the success of the Worlds!​

    Without the 850 volunteers that will work during Velirium and the UCI
    Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships, there would be no event at all!
    For 18 days, more than 16,000 hours will be executed by these devoted
    people! A special thank you to everyone contributing to the success of the

    The organizing committee is still looking for people interested in giving
    some of their time at Mont Sainte-Anne. It is by far the best way to live
    the event from the inside!

    Go to the volunteering page to have more information about how to become a volunteer.

    Important partnerships!

    This year, Louis Garneau, in addition to the presentation of the Raid Velo
    Mag, has created a special Velirium clothing collection. All Louis Garneau
    products will be available at the official store in Mont Sainte-Anne during
    the event and on the website as well. To go on the event website, go to Mont Sainte-Anne.
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