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  1. bikemoto
    bikemoto DH Diva
    Sell me your rotec!! lol
  2. bikemoto
    bikemoto jet
    Your rotec post was awesome!
    Just trolling “rotec” posts!
  3. mikelwalton34
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  4. manhattanprjkt83
  5. PeteboJakobsem
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  9. Mytrendin Pos
    Mytrendin Pos
  10. bikemoto
    bikemoto HAB
    I just read your post about top tube being 23.8 on your large dhr.
    Interesting. I’m looking at a 2014 dhr and he says it’s 22 5/8. I thought a “large” would be more stretched out.
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    VIP Design London
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  12. labelkraft
  13. StiHacka
    I am working on it
  14. supercow
    supercow Udi
    hey Dude - have a favour to ask. Are you still around the brassy area?
    1. Udi
      hey yeah I am, I'll just PM you my #
      Jun 7, 2018
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  15. Daniel Manrique
    Daniel Manrique Udi
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    2. Udi
      This is a much better manual than the old one, nice work.
      May 13, 2018
  16. Daniel Manrique
    Daniel Manrique Udi
    Hi Udi, I have a cane creek shock that needs service. Is there any chance that you can still share the CCDB DB Coil service manual? Thank you!
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    Gill Broking
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  18. Ngoclinh99
    Em muốn bên anh những ngày mưa và đưa em theo những ngày nắng <3<3<3
  19. Erion
    Erion Udi
    Hi Udi.. i see that thousands of people are asking your help.. we all are gratefull.. would you please send me the manual service of the ccdb coil.. thanks
    1. Erion
      Erion is my email address
      May 5, 2018
    2. Daniel Manrique
      Daniel Manrique
      May 10, 2018
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  20. Prachi Arora
    Prachi Arora
    Treat your Brother on this Raksha Bandhan and send Gifts wrapped with love
  21. Bighitrider24
    Bighitrider24 SDH
    Do you still have the Intense for sale? Very interested and local to NoVA, live in Ashburn and am in Springfield at least once per week. If it is still available could you send me a couple more pics to

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  23. Travel in India
    Travel in India
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  26. Meagann
    feel it to the rim with bike !
  27. desginerera
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  28. Heiner
    Heiner RD3
    Hey rd3.

    Saw and old post regarding the mr dirt fat fork, and you had a custom made brake adaptor on yours.

    Took a look at my fork, turnes out that its pretty likely yours old one, theres now having a new life in Denmark
  29. Inclag
    Inclag Udi
    Hey Udi, any chance you still have and could share the CCDB DB Coil service manual? Thanks!
  30. Florian Walther
    Florian Walther Udi
    hey udi, do you still have the manual for the ccdb service? would appreciate it if you could send it over to . I was also wondering what for tools I´m gonna need and where I can get them ! thanks is advance
    1. Erion
      Did you receive the manual?
      May 5, 2018
  31. jdcamb
    I am OK....
  32. Gclub on moblie
    Gclub on moblie
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  33. jeremy78reeves
    nice to be on this awesome board
  34. jeremy78reeves
    nice to be on this awesome board
  35. beastcoast989
    beastcoast989 big-ted
    Hey man, happen to have any of those 10speed spacers left?
  36. About2bike
    About2bike ArtKARPIEL
    Hello, My friend Sikocycles said you are looking for a BMW Hitman. I have a frame and a complete
  37. Carraig042
    Carraig042 profro
    New trail you have created on the xc side of windrock is proper bad ass.
    1. profro
      Yep, I was tired of "flow" and berms.
      Feb 23, 2018
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  39. aloneman304u
    aloneman304u 4sandra1
    how are you honey u r the most doll honey can we talk on skype my id is msaadmalik2014 wating for ur response darling thanks
  40. aloneman304u
    aloneman304u 10cannon
    howr u dear can we talk on skype msaadmalik2014 my id dear