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First Impressions: Kona Shonky Complete

The dirt jumper’s glory days are behind us, and it’s hard to point to exactly why. Maybe the kids who were supposed ...

Video: Chillzone 3 with the New Clash and Rowdy Frenchmen

Chillzone 3 is a summer hit, we’re warning you! Like a good meme, the word “Joliiii” (“Yeeeeeww”) will rain on...

Fresh Produce: Smith Get Wild Forefront 2 & Ruckus

The Forefront 2 and Ruckus glasses put functionality first, but there's enough fashion thrown in you might not notice it...

Fully Loaded: Thriving in the Cold

Long-time adventure racer Kurt Refsnider claims winter bikepacking can be enjoyable and comfortable. Here's how he can p...