How to Use the Classifieds

Click here to learn how to use the classifieds, rules for listing, and how to handle disputes.

Rules for Using the Classifieds

1. No commercial listings.
This isn't a storefront. If you'd like to advertise, please use the contact form to inquire about an advertising partnership.

2. Don't bump your threads more than once a day.
It's okay if people ask questions and there is something valid to say, but don't keep bumping your thread for no reason.

3. Please mark your listing as "Sold."
It sucks to find the item you're looking for, only for the seller to tell you it sold a week ago. Please mark your listing as sold when it's gone.

How To Use the Classifieds

The classifieds operate like a regular forum with some additions. When creating a thread, filling out the extra fields will display them right on the forum listing, so people can quickly scan (and even search) for the types of items they're interested in. If your item is not a For Sale listing, you can change the prefix to For Trade, or Wanted.

In order to edit those fields after the listing is posted - say, to change a price, or mark an item sold - open your thread and choose the Thread Tools menu. To change the prefix or the title, you can select Edit Thread Title. To edit the fields such as price or location, select Edit Custom Fields. That will let you change any of the fields you chose when you posted the item.


Hopefully, all transactions go smoothly. If a transaction does go awry, though, there are a few ways to handle it.

1. Try to work it out.
Please try to work out disputes through email/phone/etc. before complaining about them publicly.

2. Post the issue in the Bad Seller forum.
If nothing can be done, or if everything is done and you're still dissatisfied, you can post a dispute in the Bad Sellers Forum:
Bad Sellers or Scams

3. Report the issue to a moderator
If you've been scammed or cheated by someone, report the thread or use the contact form to send a message to the staff. We will review the situation and take appropriate action, removing the offending member from the community if appropriate.