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    Riding bikes, and getting old.

    I myself have gone through this thought process. I used to race DH in high school, you know, back when we were invincible and didn't have bills to pay. Broke my arm racing when I was 17, that was an eye opener. I got out of racing DH when I went to college, I was too busy and broke to feed the...
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    Sell me on Honda Civics

    Have an '04 Civic and I like it. Probably wouldn't own a car this small if I didn't commute as much as I do (work construction, jobsites are all over the place) I'm doing about 30-40K miles per year, only makes sense to drive a Civic for the gas mileage. They are cheap to maintain and you can't...
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    New All Mountain/Trail bike.

    Just bought a 2011 Trek Remedy 7, love it. Everything about the geometry fits my needs. Great aggressive trail/all mountain bike and the Remedy 7 has a pretty decent build for around $2,700. I've shopped and ridden most of the competition in this category and found the Remedy to be the best bang...
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    General trailbike tires

    I just bought some WTB MotoRaptors in 2.14 for my XC hardtail. Love them, great in just about every condition. They shed mud like crazy, are grippy on roots/rocks, they handle sandy/loose underfoot conditions well, rolling resistance isn't too bad and they corner very well. I've also had pretty...
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    Stevens Pass Bike Park Update

    It is unfortunate that a few people can hold back the vision of so many. Keep fighting the battle, eventually the bike park will become a reality.
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    Evergreen- Big Finn Hill Project

    Email sent :thumb:
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    Evergreen- Big Finn Hill Project

    Would love to lend a hand on the labor side of this project, I'm a regular rider at Finn Hill and feel the need to pitch in.
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    Slackening head tube angle - a curse?

    I fixed my problem. I measured axle to crown on the Vanilla, it was going to be a 2 degree change like I had thought. Sent the Vanilla back, found an '09 Fox Talas 32 100-140 that I picked up. This was the most versatile option, probably won't bump up to 120 and 140 very often, 100mm will see...
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    Slackening head tube angle - a curse?

    Okay, I have a confession...I bought the 140mm fork already! I was having second thoughts about it, then came here to see if what I wanted to do was insane. I can trade it out for something else if need be, not worried about that. I just want the bike to be right. In retrospect, I got in a hurry...
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    Slackening head tube angle - a curse?

    All valid points, the decreased strength in the head tube from the added leverage had crossed my mind. I'm bailing on this plan. Thinking about going for a Fox 32 F100, I've never liked RockShox and with this Tora blowing up on me, I guess I'm biased against RS. Thanks for slapping sense into...
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    Slackening head tube angle - a curse?

    Hey everyone, need a second opinion. I have an '08 Gary Fisher Piranha that came with a RS Tora set at 100mm of travel. Currently, the fork is leaking oil out of the rebound adjustment knob which is common I've been told. So I'm going to replace it instead of fixing it. The fork I'm...
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    buying bikes

    I have an '03 Banshee Scream for sale that's in great shape if you're looking for a FR rig. PM me for details or check the PNW classifieds for my post. I'm in Lynnwood, can deliver. $1300 takes it.
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    Jobs for local teens?

    One thing I kinda forgot to mention about the restaurant deal is that it will give you some work ethic. I mowed tons and tons of lawns in high school, had a business, sold it, ran shovel for a couple years doing landscaping. 3 years ago I never would have dreamed I'd end up working in a...
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    Jobs for local teens?

    Tellin you bro, restaurant jobs is where it's at. No glamor or anything like that, just realize that if you work in a restaurant and you're 20, like I am, that you don't want to be there in 5 years or your life will be pretty much over. Work isn't too bad, some days blow terribly, but $14 an...
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    Jobs for local teens?

    Get a job in a restaurant and bus tables. I'm 20 and that's what I'm doing while going to college. I work 25 hours a week bussing tables and make $1400-1500 a month during the slow season. That's more than you'll EVER make at a bike shop working part time, ever. I'm pulling in $15 an hour...
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    Buy and Sell (PNW specific)

    Hey everyone. Really need to sell my Banshee. $1200 takes it. Frame size is small, I'm 5'7" and it fits me great. '02 Monster's with fresh seals and oil, Fifth Element is in great shape, E13 chain guide w/32 tooth ring, XT rear derailleur, Hayes HFX hydros with 8" rotors front and rear, Atomlab...
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    My dad got his Explorer jacked

    Next car I buy that's worth over $20K is getting LoJack. I'm lucky that nobody has attempted to break into my Audi, but Lynnwood/Edmonds isn't too rough of a neighborhood.
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    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    It looked GNARLY up there on Sunday. As you guys were driving up to the pass I was headed back over from the eastside, went to visit the fam this weekend in Chelan and was headed over Stevens at about 9:30. Saw a few cars with bikes on the back, wish I could have been there, but at the same time...
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    Spam.....07 Enduro Expert

    Stephen, you work at the Silverlake store? Andy comes into Arnies at least once a week on his bike and we shoot the **** about his bikes and what not. Andy is in fact crazy as hell. Said he's ordering a Foes in the next couple weeks, said he was selling one of his S-Works frames.
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    Buy and Sell (PNW specific)

    Still have my '03 Banshee Scream for sale. It's back a page or so. Check it out, taking offers.