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    Victor Falls...

    I was out there (Lake Sawyer) 2 days ago and there were a bunch of annexation hearing notices posted at the entrance. I was to distracted by my dog to really read into them. Is that area now in jeopardy of being developed too?
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    Did some digging this weekend...

    I've been couch surfing for months. Its been an awesome ride, but I need to get back on the bike and get into shape soon. The pics of the flowpark look insane!!! I havent riddin since 04/05, is the easy line on the left side still there? I'll need to do a couple of NEWB runs before I...
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    OT: MX - Ernesto Fonseca severely injured

    Hey ***hole, not trying to start any crap. I'm bringing attention to what had happened earlier in the season. Sorry my statement wasnt better worded (Ironic : meaning related:rolleyes: ) but the tv footage of the incident looked pretty bad when Ernesto Fonseca "rolled over him" on the face of...
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    Did some digging this weekend...

    You still smoke?:blah:
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    OT: MX - Ernesto Fonseca severely injured

    I think its ironic he landed on another racer earlier this year and paralyzed him. I hope they both recover. Edit - I should have posted " Fonseca was in a wreck earlier this year with another rider who had injuries to his spinal cord."
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    What are you riding in 06'?

    Nice gym!!!
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    I bought myself a new toy....

    Nice bike. Looks brand new, what year? I got a 01 CR250 let me know if you want to go riding.
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    Bunch of cry babies?

    Isnt Matlock followed by Murder She Wrote! :blah:
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    world supermoto and last man standing...

    Guy Cooper quit toward the end. Crazy Canadian trail rider Guy Parrot had a couple of highlights on his Husky! That was pretty cool.
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    moto pics

    sweet! I just noticed your RG3 forks, NICE!! Did they powder coat and revalve? How do you like it?
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    moto pics

    Nice bike and black wheels! 450 or 250?
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    West Coast Choppers Bike $79.95

    To bad I just bought my Huffy Freeride Jibster Moto X 69000 last night at Schucks.
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    Glad we did the Taacoma mall thing saturday......

    I was seriously shocked to hear it wasnt gang related! :nuts: The news showed the guy who did the shooting and he looked fresh out of church. :thumb:
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    Meeting about New Trails in Black Diamond - Tuesday

    What type of trails FR or XC? Is this part of the Sugar Loaf mountain that you had mentioned previously?
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    2005 season, looking back...

    Great pics Cory!! Dont feel bad about not riding this summer. You got to ride more than me this year. A new house and two jobs takes all my play time. :help:
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    rangers and tickets?

    Look what I found in just 3 minutes on BBTC.com! http://www.bbtc.org/advocacy/issues.php Scroll down to FREERIDE.
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    rangers and tickets?

    I am not b****ing about BBTC. They do a great job in representing XC type trails(St. Edwards, Middle Fork Snoqualmie, etc). But until there is some sort of organization, you can kiss FR trails good bye! Quit bitchin and get organized people!!!! :nono:
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    rangers and tickets?

    We need something organized like the NSMBA down here. It might help our cause if we look organized and do trail maintence with input from the Rangers/DNR. It will also help if we can get trails called something else other than "illegal" by the Rangers. There has to be a happy medium...