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  1. downhilla fosho

    Fluidride's Big Fat Demo Day: May 13th

    Probably gonna head down. Mother's day is also interferring, but we'll see. Probably do something special for the madre for dinner instead of something special in the morning.
  2. downhilla fosho

    Any shops in or near Seattle that rent FS XC mtn bikes?

    I miss it when you and Mark used to work there. Some of the new employees there are jerkoffs. haha i remember when Mark used to bust 360's inside the shop. So funny.
  3. downhilla fosho

    Battlegrounds trailer. Pretty sweet.

    http://www.commencal.com/goodies/videos/index_en.htm And click on Battlegrounds 'Trailer' The other vids on there are rad as well. Enjoy.
  4. downhilla fosho


    Motocross whips are the sickest. The first trick by Robbie Adleberg was my favorite. Spread eagle to a 1 handed indian air or something like that.
  5. downhilla fosho

    Bellevue, or seattle street ride?

    Where in the Kirkland area do you live? I'm down by downtown. I do a fair share of urban riding myself. So I might be down to ride bellevue. I'll bring along one of my buds that knows bell pretty well if we do manage to come.
  6. downhilla fosho

    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    where are them pics?
  7. downhilla fosho

    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    numbaaa 19
  8. downhilla fosho

    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    Have any more pics Kris?
  9. downhilla fosho

    Elemental DVD

    There's Washington riders in Elemental dvd. Rippers like Luke Strobel, Casey Northern, Ricard Mukai, Erik Svega. So it should be a killer dvd. Just thought it was cool that us Washingtonians are getting more publicity. http://www.gohuckyourself.com/2007/02/17/washington-riders-in-elemental-dvd/
  10. downhilla fosho

    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    The course was pretty sick. They had I think 2? huge dished out berms about 4 or 5 along the way and a lot of corners. The course is definetly shorter than a-line but the jumps are pretty jumps are pretty much like a-lines tables. I think the course took about a minute or less to ride down? But...
  11. downhilla fosho

    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    dude ryan, don't ride too hard though. Listen to what the doc says. Take it easy. Yeh i heard that this one kid screwed up his neck or something. Oh yeh we put your name in the raffle box so hopefully Chris will give you the stuff he chose for ya.
  12. downhilla fosho

    Stevens winter Dh feb 18

    Well i was a bit sick before the race, but I still raced anyways. And of course I got even more sick. So I have the flu now. Got 4th with no brakes and no chain. Well my shifter broke and so my drivetrain was screwed up. So pretty much I was chainless.
  13. downhilla fosho

    VIDEO >> Northwest Dirt Culture II - Teaser

    Sickkk. The music was sort of "eh" to me, but overall i liked it.
  14. downhilla fosho

    SST 2/10 pics

    haha yeh everyone who wasn't there should've came.
  15. downhilla fosho

    SST 2/10 pics

    Yeh we should all head out next weekend or week, cuz we have winter break. Well atleast the k-towners do. Feb. 19-21. Don't forget Feb.18th Stevens Race.
  16. downhilla fosho

    SST 2/10 pics

    I put every single one on there so some will be bad, blurry, etc. Good day that day. Everyone was throwing it down. All the pics are up. Videos going up now. http://s154.photobucket.com/albums/s280/asianslikerice/
  17. downhilla fosho

    SST Saturday 2/10

    Oh yeh Chris, i have your bike bar. I'll bring it tomorrow and give it to you at school. 19 more pics and 3 or 4 videos until finished. Sorry it's been taking a while. I've been helping my mom with her flower shop. Valentines day. Well i'll post back up when finished.
  18. downhilla fosho

    Riding in South East Asia?

    Yeh i'm S. Korean. And if you want to find all the good places. Here's a link to some of the "actual" mountain bike related shops. http://www.mtbk-adventure.com/bike_shops.php The best one was O.D. Bike. They had the sickest stuff there. Nicolai, Santa Cruz, Foes, Intense, Deemax's, etc...
  19. downhilla fosho

    SST Saturday 2/10

    A decent camera? We'll see how many pics i take you Chris. haha. Jus kiddin. Well yea tomorrow should be ill.
  20. downhilla fosho

    Seattle to Portland (STP)

    oh, well I don't have a road bike. We'll see though. We have a long ways till the STP