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    Toro race #2 (x-post from south-ca)

    i will be there on my specialized sx, its all about the xc helmet and goggles, should be a good time..
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    New THE One Helmet

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    I hate Specialized

    dont know
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    I hate Specialized

    the new demo only requires you to take off the 2 shock bolts for the shock to come out i believe, and you just slide it out from the side, must simpler and easier than the '06 setup.
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    Mmmm Candy Red 07 Demo

    gotta love demos, theres to many winers out there, just ride your bike. the demo works well enough for people going to worlds but not enough for the average rider hmmm....
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    Worlds 2006 - Rotorua NZ

    go luke strobel, a non factory USA rider in the top 20, way to RALLY!
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    Worlds 2006 - Rotorua NZ

    Get It Lukkkeeee!
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    2007 Demo 8 Release Date?

    k thanks
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    2007 Demo 8 Release Date?

    i ride for specialized and i rode a bighit to the semi pro overall dh championship, the reason i rode the frame was that the suspension is more linear that the demo and the bike squats under braking, along with it being a pound lighter than the 06 demo and less complicated, for 07' i am riding...
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    2007 Demo 8 Release Date?

    does anyone know what hubs the demo 8 has, they look red but dont know what brand?
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    Worlds 2006 - Rotorua NZ

    rennies shot is probably the sickest roost shot ever, like a moto turn but with out the motor, sickness
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    Best platform for DH?

    so the wellgo mg-1 pedals sound good, there light, have replacable pins, good size platform for foot placement, are there any weaknesses that I should look out for before buying a pair?
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    Infinoen - woo hoo

    cavalier got a 1:51 and the fastest time of the day, rando was in there with a 1:52 i think, and 17 year old ben bell with a 1:53, riffle got a 1:54 and won US mens pro, minnaar fell and got a 1:56 i think, anyway thats all i remember
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    Brazil World Cup - LIVE!

    john rides for specialized not santa cruz, were on the same team, just lettin ya know
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    Deer Valley-ditch MTX- race SD!

    mtn x sounds fun and all but the hour drive sucks, i think i will do my first super d, how long do you think the course will be? in mins
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    Mallet traction plates?

    I take mine off, better engagement, less to pedal, and better feel for the pedal.
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    Snowshoe scenic beauty

    that 3rdshot is awesome definite desktop shot
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    Mont Ste Anne World Cup - Live!

    ummm i saw 15 U.S. riders that qualified for 4x so yaa....look again or i am just a genious
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    my 06 bighit

    woa, i am turnin into a rm junky, 2 posts on the same thread, anyway i am sponsored by specialized, so i got the frame by it self and built it up with my own parts, i dont think they sell the frame by it self. i have a bighit III, 40 rc2, king headset, ea70bars, magura louise fr brakes, thomson...
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    Sx Trail as a Dh race bike, or alternatives?

    the bighit and demo8 are great race bikes, dont let some person move you away from the bighit based on the history of it, or it not being the most high end bike. its a great bike and has everything you need to do well, ride what works well not just what it pushed the most to sell, but in the end...