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    661 Pro Pressure Suit

    It fits snug like the Dainese.It's also airy like the Dainese.
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    Chris King just got own3d

    Chris King is a socially,enviromently responsible company that treats it's employees fairer than most while providing a product that excels,at a decent price while being made in America.One company I'm always happy to support!
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    Shed Map

    Where's the Wrong Turn gang's place? I'm pretty sure I've seen 'em up 'round der.
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    Snowshoe Circa 1996

    That's not a Animal,that's a Beast! I had the same model,rode it for 6 years,then the headtube broke off!
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    Snowshoe Circa 1996

    Great back in the day shot! I used to have a blast there on my Pro-Flex,but that Girvin fork enabled many faceplants!
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    DOT 5 or DOT 4?

    Thanks for most of your replies.I'll forget the 5,and look for the 5.1.
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    DOT 5 or DOT 4?

    I'm going to bleed my Juicy 7's,replacing the old fluid,wondering if anyone has tried using DOT 5,seems like it would be an improvement.
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    Demo 8 for sale this weekend!

    Check it out in classifieds,I'll have it at Snowshoe this weekend.
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    Snowshoe Western lift open next weekend

    Hope the conditions hold for next weekend!Was the race course marked?
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    The dark side of cycling

    Rolling Thunder!
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    Snowshoe or Wisp?!?!?!

    Every year? I don't remeber seeing you in '94! The lift has run every Mem. weekend since then.
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    anyone have bruce's email?

    It's bruce.l@adelphia.net.
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    How do you pee in a full Dainese Suit?

    Camelback duct taped to thigh,line duct taped to squirter!
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    Any status on dhzombie?

    Hey Dennis and other concerned monkies, Bruce had surgery on Dec 12th to fuse the C1 vert.This had to be done since the disc was not healing on it's own.The surgery went very well and he should be able to start rehab soon.He will lose some lateral head movement,and his vertibrae would not be...
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    Snowshoe race series review(imo)

    The more winners/podiums = more happy riders/customers.I'm 47 and happy they made a break at 40.Most of my friends are in their 30's and sport level riders,and they weren't pleased with the lack of classes.Bottom line,they didn't show. Again,everything else about the series was perfect.One more...
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    Snowshoe race series review(imo)

    All I know is I'm happy to get $50 for a measley 4th,I've recieved less for a 1st place finish.
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    Snowshoe race series review(imo)

    Race course's were all 10's,my fav was # 3,felt good to go fast! A lot of work went into the berms,jumps nicely built with easy approaches,and plenty of them!Loved the Maxxis moto section into the berms on #4! Timing system great,results were up fast. Liked the am/pro class breakdown,most...
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    Paging T-Pro and the Snowshoe crew!!!

    Thanks Zombie! We'll rip it up,so as to do the old/injured proud!:banghead: :banghead:
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    DH Zombie injury status

    DH Zombie was the rider who broke his neck on the doubles Fri.He suffered a shattered C1 vertebrae.The good news is it won't require surgery,but 3 months in a collar.He's checking out of the hospital tommorow!Thanks to the Snowshoe medical crew for knowing exactly what to do to prevent further...
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    Snowshoe gonna be wet...

    Get back over on the pansy Whitetail thread!!! BTW,what's more slipperly than mud? WET ROCK!!