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  1. toughguymagee

    Rode Rat Pack Wednesday 5/7

    Yeah, you could ride another few hundred yards up the road and break to the right, up the ridge, to hit another section before getting to the main entrance (shown above). I havent been out there in years and will need to make it out this spring/summer.
  2. toughguymagee

    nicknames for co-workers

    We have a guy here we call #5 (for Grecrian 5 hair color). No one naturally has hair that black.
  3. toughguymagee

    Snacks is sweet sixteen today!!!!

    I have not logged into RM for months on end and the day I do, it's Snacks B-Day! Happy B-Day Snacks!
  4. toughguymagee

    Mitzel Sighting

    I saw Mitzel at Casa D's in Bellevue about a year ago. He was bigger than me so I left him alone! :wave:
  5. toughguymagee

    Someone is getting old!!!! SNACKS B-DAY

    I have come out of RM retirement to say Happy Birthday to Snacks. I am now going back into RM retirement.
  6. toughguymagee

    Red Square

    I will see what I can do. GB and I are heading out to Europe next Wed so I dont know if she will want me getting broke on my bike beforehand. :)
  7. toughguymagee

    Who's Still Around?

    I am never here...I live in my office :banghead:
  8. toughguymagee

    I am-a-goin to VEGAS baby!

    Looks fun...might have to make the trip out there next year! so I have a bike (2005 KTM 450SX) now...maybe we can go ride sometime.
  9. toughguymagee

    My photo got published - woohoo!

    Nice Work! :banana:
  10. toughguymagee

    Jump Jam: Monroe edition

    Living in a hole! Work and school...that takes up about all of my time. I'll PM ya and we can chat.
  11. toughguymagee

    Jump Jam: Monroe edition

    I live about a mile from the DJ and have rode there for the past three years. The jumps are illegal and the property is owned by Lakeside Industries (the big sand pile company). Although I think the locals and Lakeside Industries are cool with people jumping there, I am not sure if an official...
  12. toughguymagee

    Monkey`s Pets

    My baby Chase
  13. toughguymagee

    Tuesday night I will be at the president of Treks house....

    Isnt Richard Burke the president of Trek?
  14. toughguymagee

    Now that its been released - look what I have been working on the past couple months!

    Telephia ran the tests...check out their site and the results. Telephia runs independent tests for all (pretty sure) carriers in the US.
  15. toughguymagee

    Now that its been released - look what I have been working on the past couple months!

    Yes. Understand that it is not always the network that drops the call. You have a radio in hand that has to TX/RX just as a network has to. :)
  16. toughguymagee

    Does this embaress Seattle Freeriders?

    Isnt that Jimmy Levan? No matter, helmets are nice.
  17. toughguymagee

    Happy B-day Lumberjack

    Happy Birthday OLD MAN!:wave:
  18. toughguymagee

    Welcome Kaylin Mutoli!

    Congratulations to the both of you.