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    E-13 SRS Question

    I am installing an E-13 SRS on my V10 and am having a clearance issue between the backplate assembly and the crank arm. it seems as though the mounting tabs/holes for the inner/granny ring on the cranks are making contact with the backplate and jamming it up. Is this a common problem with...
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    Ironhorse SGS Team Sizing

    What do you mean by "East Coast Fitting Bike"? Do you mean short, compact and tight for steep rocky , twisty terrain?
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    Ironhorse SGS Team Sizing

    Looking at purchasing a 2004 SGS Team Frame and just wondering how they fit up. I am looking at a small frame (17") I am 6' tall. Currently ride a 2002 Giant Team DH in medium (with long top tube) but find it a bit stretched out. So, is small IH the right size? Do they fit large compared to...
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    a new "new" giant dh ?

    Exactly...and the current Giant DH models are prone to suspension impacts as well with their linkage placements.
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    Giant Glory info

    It is available in Canada for sure. Will be putting an order in for mine in a week or two. Giant always does their homework. And if it rides anywhere as nice as the Reign or Trance it will be a great ride. I don't see any issues at all with this. And adjusting the shock will be alot...
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    DHX 5.0 on a Giant DH

    Thank you!
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    DHX 5.0 on a Giant DH

    I agree, it is a bit of a pain with the location, but I already have the DHX. But once it is tuned, You really shouldn't have to fool with it too much. But, will it fit?
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    DHX 5.0 on a Giant DH

    will the DHX 5.0 fit in the shock compartment on the Giant DH? The resevoir area on the DHX looks larger than the RS or Manitou models and just wondered if there was enough clearance on the Giant. Thanks John
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    Giant AC for DH

    Anyone here use a Giant AC for DH? With or without BETD travel plates? Any issues running a DC fork on them? Opinions of using these as a DH rig. Thanks John
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    giant dh linkage

    I feel for you. I had the same issue with the covers on mine. The hex-head stripped and the only way I could get them off was to have the model shop gut at my plant use an end mill and gradually eat away at them until the threads could be removed. He then machined two replacements for me with...
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    giant dh linkage

    Check out this site. A local guy that is carrying and supplying bearings for bikes. I gave him all the info for the Giants and he has the kits in stock cheap.Price for a comlete kit for the Giant is $26.00 CDN http://www.bikerbolts.com http://www.bikerbolts.com/giant.htm Tell him I...
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    Rockgardn Flak Jacket owners...sizes please...

    I'm 6'1" 240lbs and have a 46" chest. I wear the XL Flak Jacket. John
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    Help on a Giant DH rear wheel

    That makes sense...the wheel is actually offset the 11.25 mm from center but when it is measured with the dishing tool the 'gap' on the NDS is 22mm. Is that what you are saying? Thanks
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    Help on a Giant DH rear wheel

    Yes, it does seem odd. But after doing some quick dimensional checks on the frame it becomes apparent why it is like this. The drive side chainstay is offset outwards on the drive side, which offsets the wheel to the drive side. If Giant had used a 155mm hub and made the chainstays offset the...
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    Help on a Giant DH rear wheel

    I inquired a while back regarding a Giant DH rear wheel and had my suspicions confirmed about the offset. Called Giant and was told the rear wheel has a 22mm offset...closer to the non-drive side hub end. Problem now is what size spokes do I need to build it up. I had the wheel built prior...
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    Heads up on a BAD seller

    Just thought I would give a heads up to anyone looking to buy stuff from a seller that goes by the name of Anthony Hill, also uses Bill GaTtEs as a title on email names, and has an email addy of wasted00words at hotmail.com. He was dealing on Pink Bike, at least that is where I got ripped of by...
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    Cycle-Ops Fluid trainers

    Does anybody know what type of fluid is used in teh Cycle-Ops fluid trainers? I am replacing the seals in mine--it is about 4 years old and leaking--but am not sure what fluid to use to refill it. I am thinking that automatic transmission fluid should be fine. Thanks in advance