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    The Official Iron Horse Sunday / DW-Link Tech. & Tuning Section

    Does anyone have weights for a M 2008 MKIII and for a L 2009 MKIII?
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    TLD SE helmet

    The medium TLD is a little bigger than other mediums like 661 Flight, Giro Mad Max and Bell Bellistic (i've had all).
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    Xt Vs. Saint Cranks?

    XT are strong enough for anything with your 150 pounds.
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    "Too much" DH brakes?

    I tried 2009 saints last weekend. Was just a park test, but enough to feel its veeeeeeerrrryyyy powerful.
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    New Wheelset light and white - recommendations?

    Hope pro II + Funn XLrater + DT competition = 1900g or so.
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    Marzocchi 888 ATA WC & Fox DHX 5.0 tuning...

    For your weight on the 888, start with 50psi in the upper chamber and 100psi in PAR (lower) chamber. You could rise up to 65/120 depending on your likeness Keep on mind to double the pressure (or close) on PAR versus upper chamber.
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    mavic doubts

    21mm inner width is wide enough for dh? If is enough, why not a Sun SOS (23mm) for just 520g?
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    Tire system for an AM

    I really liked your style. I'll take it.
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    Beware Romain Jacquet

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    Beware Romain Jacquet

    He's using that name too: Name: Denis Graves Address: 18 BLAGROVE ROAD City : LONDON Zip : W10 5TP State: England Country : United Kingdom This, from that email: ironhorsek@yahoo.com
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    Tire system for an AM

    Hmmm, but Kendas are a lot bigger than Maxxis for the same size. I could consider 2.1 Nevegals too, which are equivalent to a High Roller 2.35.
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    Tire system for an AM

    Hi there, Well, i´ve been using 2 ply Maxxis w/ home made no tubes for last years (5?) on my AM and DH bikes. Less than a flat per year, but... Now i'm trying to lighten my AM ('06 spz Enduro w/ mrz 55ATA), and thought about to use single ply Maxxis with XC tubes and slime, or single ply...
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    PAR internals

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    Crank Lenths?

    I ride 165mm on my Sunday and 175 on my Enduro
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    Sizing for sx trail

    I´m 6' and ride a Medium Enduro.
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    Crank Lenths?

    hhhhmmmm... all mountain bikes... i just imagined tsaps was askig for cranks for his Sunday.
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    5050 vs Aircorp

    Aircorps are thinner and lighter than 50/50, both very grippy, but Aircorps use to take some play (what is cheap and easy to fix). Of course 50/50 don't have this issue because it uses bearings instead of bushings. I'm using Aircorps about 6 months and i am very happy. Lot of my friends uses...
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    Crank Lenths?

    We are talking about cranks length for a Sunday, a pure downhill bike. It means: high enough to avoid the rocks and as low as possible to turn fast... both things at the limit, inluding pedals, pins, sag, tires and cranks. (downhill)
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    Crank Lenths?

    Haha, in fact, trials bikes uses 140s... for clearence, of course.
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    Crank Lenths?

    Well... Back to the original question... On a Sunday, as a very low BB downhill race bike, you will not get its full potential with cranks longer than 165mm. MDJ, DirtyMike, Bulldog and Huck Banzai are not talking about cranks for a Sunday.