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    War Movies Thread

    How about Three Kings?
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    New 2009 Boxxers

    Yeah, one of the local shop just received the 09 boxxers and they are still the same as the current model. No 35mm stanchions or mission control damper. 09 Boxxer team comes in red.
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    That's a sweet video
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    Bourdon on Intense

    Looks pretty good for a hack......................
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    new noodlyness from norco

    Yeah, an ugly version of it. I thought this year's team DH looks pretty nice as is. The problem with Norco is that their bikes keep changing every year (i mean drastic change).
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    Sam Hill World's Bike Video Feature

    Try downloading the latest flash player.
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    SX Trail Owners

    I'm pretty sure the flipping is only for the Demo. SXT should come with 2 separate shuttles.
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    Whats your occupation?

    analyst at a video game company.
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    BC racers....one more race!

    Full clip of the race course
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    Girl in class...

    ^^^^ Listen to this guy..... BTW, we are still waiting for the picture.
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    earthed 5 Trail is BADASS

    Trailer looks sweet. Thank god for the earth & hypnosis series because I can't stand watching those backflips.
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    Anybody got a frame weight on a 2007 demo 8 or demo7?

    Medium 07 Demo 8 frame Steel spring 11.16lbs I'm going to assume that the shop scale I was using is properly calibrated.
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    Well since BB hights are in...i guess ill post these

    It should be good for riding on pavement.
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    sunday or v10

    Why can't people just make up their own mind? Just do some research on the +/-'s on each bike and decide for youself. At the end of the day, riding style, local terrain and many other factors will determine which bike is the best for you.
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    What is your favorite war movie?

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    Video of my head bobbing. In the woods. With a bunch of dudes.

    Great video......good to see you had a great time in my backyard.
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    Anybody not like their SXTs?

    Maybe this story will change your mind http://bb.nsmb.com/showthread.php?t=101679
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    Turned down applicant... Over Qualifed

    The question is how long do you expect people to stay in this position? Are you looking for someone who you can develop from an office worker to something higher in the company? If you knew that this position is mostly a transit/stepping stone into something better, why not give the job to the...
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    203mm travis lower than a Boxxer WC?

    It should be about the same. If you set it up any lower, the arch actually hit the lower crown even if it clears your downtube. When I had mine I thought that it was lower until I heard metal to metal contact when I bottomed out the fork.
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    Socom Spring help

    450lbs or 500lbs