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  1. Espen

    2008 Dorado!

    Dorado for president! e
  2. Espen

    White Brothers 2005/2006?

    Any new features on these forks? Are they like the 2004 models? I am thinking about the 2.0 Specs, weight and Pictures? Thanks in advance. Espen
  3. Espen

    06 Kona & Zocchi

    Where to find more info around the 06 Marz's? Espen
  4. Espen

    Hope M2 180mm enough for all-mtn and freeriding?

    If you want to save weight, go with Monomini rotors on MM4 calippers. The MM4 calippers weighs only 20g more than the MMini E
  5. Espen

    This bike has EVERYTHING you want!!

    I wan't the next gen with three shocks! E
  6. Espen

    So has anyone had much ride time on a Pike yet?

    Hopefully I will get my Pike Team Air tomorrow. I guess there are just one 10mm spacer supplied with the fork? E
  7. Espen

    Stupid technology

    In your e-mail program, use "leave a copy on the server" for the feature!! Btw, I got the beautiful new topcrown/stem a couple of weeks ago, and I must say it looks wery good!! Keep up the good work! Espen
  8. Espen

    bmw porn

    Sweet ride man! Why do you got black crowns on your Avy fork? Espen
  9. Espen

    bmw porn

  10. Espen

    bmw porn

    Look at these cranks. 1 pound, can this be true? www.easternbikes.com
  11. Espen

    bmw porn

  12. Espen


    What happens with it? Thought it should been available many months ago? E
  13. Espen

    New Avalanche DHF-8 on my Karpiel Armageddon.

    Is it the double damper or the Ti??? E
  14. Espen

    NEW Honda transmission

    Hey DW! What can we expect from Evilbikes regarding transmisions?? Espen
  15. Espen

    ssaddict,aka:Kyle Belenberg died Sunday morning.

    Did'nt know him, just seen his posts here. It's hard to understand that young great people just dies. Deepest thoughts to his family and friends RIP e
  16. Espen

    cool hope stuff

    jeezes crist, Cirstmas is here! E
  17. Espen

    Ideas for 6Pack build

    - Z1 2005 150mm! Edit: All mountain 1 for lighter/more trailbike style setup. - King rearhub with Funbolt axle. - Mavic 721's with DT comp 2.0-1.8-2.0 and brass niples (new 05 823 if you want UST) - EA 70 bar - Thomson post/stem - MM4 180mm front and rear (new fancy MM6 style rotors...
  18. Espen

    this is gonna hurt

    At least this guy got balls. He's not popular anylonger, but he is still trying to brake new limits. And yes, this is gonna hurt. E
  19. Espen

    low speed compression for 888

    I am 200 and used the middle position and no comp on the gold adjuster. I tested the full closed but it came out too harsh. I have just PL tested the 5W oil, but it seems like there's a noticable difference. I will try out more with more holes closed and even lighter oil. What you are doing...
  20. Espen

    low speed compression for 888

    This depends on your weight too. E