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  1. Sam B

    Shimano DM derailleur, yet another failed standard?

    Getting rid of the B Link was intended to make shifting crisper, blah blah blah... but I have found that it's usually the part that bends (unless you have a really wimpy derailleur hanger). Without the B Link I have seen multiple fully broken derailleurs, versus the bent B Link that was easily...
  2. Sam B

    Transition TR450

    Yes. 2011 frames saved about 0.5lbs from 2010 frames. The 2012 frames went from 17.5" chainstay to 17.25" chainstay with an adjustment +/- 0.25". We also lengthened the front center by 0.25" to keep the total wheelbase the same in the middle setting.
  3. Sam B

    Spring rate change by cutting springs??

    That's from my birthday! The Porn Charriot makes it in a Pat thread. This is some real injenering here. Awesome! PS: Also seen in the 2011 Transition Holiday Card. LOL And more...
  4. Sam B

    Costa Rica: DH Experience?

    Was that out of a small town down a gravel road off the PanAm highway? Providencia... pretty much just some houses, a mini mart and a bar/restaurant.
  5. Sam B

    Costa Rica: DH Experience?

    Send me an email and I can fill you in more on what we rode. Super fun time, only rode the first few days, but I was surprised by how good the riding was. Well worth bringing our bikes for! Especially coming from February in the PNW.
  6. Sam B

    29er HT for a DH guy...

    Wow! People in this thread should read Seb's article on Bike and take a chill pill. There is no right thing for everyone, let alone every trail or region... I get just as sick of the 29 hate as I do with the "29 is the only way" crowd. Someone said it earlier in this thread... just like 26...
  7. Sam B

    Transition Bandit

    Wow! Shocked to hear you are 5'8" to 5'9" and like the Large. Understandable that the seat tube is too long... we certainly had taller folks in mind with that size. Sorry! Sounds like you are making it work though.
  8. Sam B

    Suggestions for lively DH bikes?

    Enough with the crap about who's bike is lightest or who isn't winning beginner. This is all about having fun in the woods on bikes. It looks like this guy gets it... Alex Poyner In Whistler VOD
  9. Sam B

    Suggestions for lively DH bikes?

    I think whatever Sicklines has/had for a weight was a 2010 frame. We cut some serious weight out for 2011... the 2012 frame is the same give or take a few grams and the medium I weighed was 5.09 kg (11.22 lbs) with the shock (stock medium size 450 spring) and rear axle. That is a real weight...
  10. Sam B

    29er Trail bike for a DH’er

    Fox Float 34 140mm, tapered with 15mm. EDIT: Here is a picture.
  11. Sam B

    29er Trail bike for a DH’er

    So I took apart my Covert for parts when I built up my first proto Bandit 29. I have not missed it at all. Tire selection is till a bit of a bummer, but it really is getting better... new Maxxis stuff coming, Schwalbe Nobby Nics are good, and I am anxious to try the Hans Dampf with the softer...
  12. Sam B

    The FOX RACING SHOX Gravity Open Pro Grt at Plattekill

    Bryn broke his femur (maybe more?) and elbow. He is in surgery now. Sounded very gnarly. Big props to Lars, Amado, Benedict and anyone else that stuck around to help him get off the hill.
  13. Sam B

    Nuthin' But Bangers

    Best shot ever at 6 minutes.
  14. Sam B

    I love the new trends in trailbikes!

    I "like" this comment. Full info on my perspective... i am running 1x10 with a 32t and 11-36 on my Covert. LOVE it, but in fairness it has fallen short for me a couple times on longer rides. However it's quiet, it is considerably lighter than the front der, etc that I took off, I haven't...
  15. Sam B

    Dakine Shuttle Pad

    Hey now... they are just getting started and I am sure more than willing to sell you something despite the website. Mac is a cool dude, and they are trying to do something unique and useful. I totally agree that the website is sub-par, but they are brand new and I don't even think they have an...
  16. Sam B

    Dakine Shuttle Pad

    Oh yeah... and around here you see multipe Dakine pads a day on trucks, and everyones downtubes have a bike shiny alloy spot from the shuttle rub. They definitely do damage to your bike, but it's better than straight on the tailgate and you can fit more in than with moto straps, etc.
  17. Sam B

    Dakine Shuttle Pad

    I used to have a homemade cross bar rack on my truck for 6 bikes. My buddy Ryan did the V1 and I added a gusset after the first cross piece broke. However, now I use this... http://www.shuttlenuts.com/ Which gives extra room behind the bikes for gear bags, etc. Don't listen to...
  18. Sam B

    TR 450 Linkage Question

    Call us tomorrow, or better yet... email pictures, sam@transitionbikes.com works... Good luck?!? Or something?
  19. Sam B

    experimenting with stem offset

    Say you like the weight balance and wheelbase of a head angle like 62 with a 50mm stem. I wonder how a bike with the same wheelbase and weight balance might ride with modifed fork offset, head angle and stem length. For example... keep the wheelbase but steepen the head angle to 63 degrees...
  20. Sam B

    New Maxxis tire

    I am going to throw a big rock over the fence tonight... lookout.