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  1. livetheride514

    26 speed bike?

    I'm having a hugeeee argument with my friend about the existence, purpose, usefulness, and worth of a 26 speed bike. The only combo I can think of that would produce this would be 2x13. Now, campy just released an 11 cog cassette for roadies... Still makes little sense to me. I believe that...
  2. livetheride514

    Plz help its abt bb

    yes. just use the right spacers.
  3. livetheride514

    Shadow Torrid Euro BB

    I love you.
  4. livetheride514

    Shadow Torrid Euro BB

    both of you are wrong.
  5. livetheride514

    Shadow Torrid Euro BB

    Does anyone know where I can get one? I've been looking forever and I can't find one.
  6. livetheride514

    6.21.08 pictures!

    I Was There Toooo!
  7. livetheride514

    New Morewood Frame Info

    I think it looks amazing and I can only imagine how it rides...
  8. livetheride514

    Making Team DH Jerseys

    I'm looking to have some made for a my team next year and I'm not quite sure how to go about it =/ Basically, I'm looking to find out where is the best place to get them from? any leads?
  9. livetheride514

    Pics from 10/21/07

    send a full res of DSC_0072 to sabbathsatellite73@comcast.net ?
  10. livetheride514

    Titanium axle?

    I have one =D It's so sick! However, I dont have the right bolts, so i cant use it now. Super sweet custom made =D
  11. livetheride514

    New bike build help

    Personally I love cannondale, but if you live/race anywhere that you find tighter singletrack, the judge is hard to ride. They ride beautifully, but not in tight quarters =/
  12. livetheride514

    Tuning morewood/avy

    ouch. $85???
  13. livetheride514

    new e 13 limited color

    i love it.
  14. livetheride514

    Tuning morewood/avy

    damn. ok, so what weight spring should I get? and how much does it cost to get valved for me by avy?
  15. livetheride514

    Tuning morewood/avy

    I bought it used with my morewood.
  16. livetheride514

    Tuning morewood/avy

    I know I have a Chubbie, it does not have the hi/lo adjustment, my morewood is an '03, and the shock is valved for it.
  17. livetheride514

    Tuning morewood/avy

    I'm riding an '03 I believe. I weigh about 150-165 depending on the season. I expect 160 or so by race season.
  18. livetheride514

    Tuning morewood/avy

    I actually don't know. I've never had a avy before and I know nothing about them except they feel amazing when set-up correctly
  19. livetheride514

    Tuning morewood/avy

    I have a Morewood Izumi with a Avy Chubbie w/450# ti spring. It feels like crap. Well, as much crap as it can at least. The sag is very low, but to get it around 30% (i suppose that is about proper) the spring is very loose. Any tips other than sending to avy?
  20. livetheride514

    Ultegra for DH?

    thats what I was kinda thinking of. ultegra to sram x.0 or x.9. ultergra casette would be be lighter/ more effective than sram pg970dh, right?