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    Video: MRP launches the Stage, a new all-mountain fork

    MRP is going to dyno test every fork they sell? That would be a first I have heard of such a high level of quality control. I hope these forks perform as well as the video suggest. Will they see the light in Canada.? i hope so!
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    Hookit Products prioritizes trail building with new advocacy program

    I hope Digger(Todd) gets to trail build in the UK. He is my favourite trail builder. Good to see a bike company giving back to the sport.
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    Marzocchi 380 C2R2 Ti & Moto C2R Shock

    Hmmmmm the old open bath marz forks just needed a bit of extra air to fine tune the spring rate.
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    Beatdown: Traction Control

    I have pro pedal on my DHX shock it has a switch like the DB air. I find the pro pedal to be a useless gimmick. The more sensitive the suspension the better it works. Up or down. One gets hung up because of riding style. If you want to blame your bike. Good for you. What ever floats your boat.
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    3d printers

    That could work. Make an internal structure out of plastic to place the Carbon fiber on to. Mind you. One could carve styrofoam and save weight.
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    Matter: Marzocchi Bomber Z1

    When this fork came out. Every other fork was a toy in comparison. I bought one asap and put it on my hard tail. Everyone thought I was crazy putting a four inch travel fork on a hard tail. Up set the geometry they said............. My 55Rc3,s are a refinement of the original z1.
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    SRAM Announces More Affordable Version of XX1 Drivetrain

    Well eventualy it will be affordable.
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    3d printers

    Which 3d printer? what material does it print with? Plastic or metal? How will you make the printing program? What is your back ground in 3d printing. This is cutting edge stuff. Sorry more questions than answers.
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    Knob vomit from Maxxis

    This is tiring to read cant you knobs just get along.
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    Preview: Chris King Press Fit 24 Bottom Bracket

    A bb that last five years!!!!!!! its just a fantasy.
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    Old Bike Should I keep and upgrade parts or buy new? Suggestions

    It had a manual? The rear shock is 2 inch stroke. rear travel is five inches Home Bicycles Catalog Bicycle Registry Search GO Search stolen bicycle records Search BikePedia > Complete Bicycles and Frames >...
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    Old Bike Should I keep and upgrade parts or buy new? Suggestions

    The Spesh has 29 inch wheels. no rear suspension and a crappy fork. I own a Warp it lasted for many years of hard abuse. Had a super t up front. Find a second hand fork and put new cables on the warp. Maybe a mech disk brake up front. For a bargain bike the Warp rides like champ. Works best...
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    First Impressions: Santa Cruz Nomad

    I apologize for my incorrect statement about Santa,s warranty. Five years, Life time on bearings and crash replacement plan. Santa Cruz truly does stand behind their bikes!
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    The Web Monkey Speaks: Parachute Pants and Press Fit Bottom Brackets

    threading a BB shell cost bucks. Reaming is cheaper. its about money. saving money.
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    First Impressions: Santa Cruz Nomad

    2 year warranty on a 3000$ frame. Talk about backing your product.
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    Fox 36 is back

    They increased the amount of low speed compression damping. So its less plush. So it beats the crap out of you on long rides. Just like the Park 180! All that feed back from riders complaining that the fork moves too much. Cant have that.
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    Preview: Michelin Wild Mud Advanced

    2.1 tire 1000 grams. Nice.
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    News: RockShox Releases Debonair Air Can

    Funny I thought air can reducers were all the rage now. At least with Fox shocks. Is this an XC application?
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    RC4 Bushing question--- what material?

    If we are talking about the shock mounting eyelets. The bushing is a press fit oiled bronze bushing. The aluminum is nothing but spacers for the specific frame the shock is mounted to. I have seen igus plastic bushings, bronze DU bushings.
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    The Web Monkey Speaks: Murder He Rode

    Took a guy on an "easy" black diamond trail a week ago. He did great! Havnt heard from him since then. He did mention something about his arms hurting half way through the ride.