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    For Sale 661 pressure suit and ROACH DH shin guards

    Selling my DH/FR pads, no big falls or crashes, out of the sport, sold my DH bike. Both XL and well taken care of. Will entertain reasonable offers :) email: jaco.dwine@gmail.com
  2. J

    So you bought a 22 AR-15 rip-off for home defense?

    its not the best... but hey... better than nothing... maybe he is worried about rounds going through walls or something?
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    1st & only time posting on the monkey...

    ok... Ill tie one on a string and dangle it off the bumper like truck nutz...lol
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    New Zombie Boom Stick

    I want one bad... especially since its out in OD now!!
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    1st & only time posting on the monkey...

    *note to self. always keep cheeeseburger under seat in case I get pulled over in NC
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    I would love to get a can for my .22 Glock conversion.
  7. J

    No CCW needed in Arizona

    intelligence ftmfw alaska and vermont have had it for quite some time... dont hear about the streets running red do we?
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    Post your best pro-gun stories

    firearms have more uses than for just killing people. 1 hunting 2 personal protection (animals walk on 2 legs aswell as 4) 3 hobby 4 competition 5 because the 2A says I can ETA: alot of people use guns as status symbols too... try showing off your new Jennings or Hipoint off at the...
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    Anyone carry a gun while trail building alone?

    I like my life. I would much rather shoot someone and go home than blow both of us up. My wife(to be) would be kinda pissed I think...
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    Respraying muh truck

    linex that thing man... inside n out
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    Progress in the gulf? Too soon?

    f it... i cant get it to work .bmp no good here???
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    Progress in the gulf? Too soon?

    jokes at work resulted in this horrible mspaintphotochop.
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    Subaru badge of ownership - freebie for Subie owners!

    [arfcom sarcasm] Hey everyone look at me, this is the Nth car Ive owned, OH and look I like to ride a (bike, tree, skis, race flags) [/arfcom sarcasm]
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    What is a used DH bike worth?

    how about 10 dowra?!?!
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    Anyone carry a gun while trail building alone?

    uhhhhh Id rather have my glock... but you can practice a double feed malf with your 1911 during an attack if you want... knock yourself out dude!
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    That CZ is slick!
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    Anyone carry a gun while trail building alone?

    Right... dont even bother carrying a gun cause you wont be able to pull it in time... 0_o Dumbest logic ever... do you have a spare tire in your car? A fire extinguisher in your home?
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    New FBI Stats confirm More Guns = Less Crime

    manimal I think you kicked the bees nest.... Im in on this though.... I think more legal ownership and concealed carry DOES have an impact on crime. PS nice to see a LEO that is PRO-gun... so many cops in my area think only cops can be trusted with guns.