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  1. nj82tj

    What grips are you running?

    I just bought a set of these for my bike. I just liked the design. They are Eastern Skull grips. http://www.danscomp.com/367046.php?cat=PARTS
  2. nj82tj

    How do I get this thing off?

    ha, nice.
  3. nj82tj

    How do I get this thing off?

    it just needs to go. i'm not sure how my old bike shop guy even got it on! i'm going to try and score the back then bend it. if that doesn't work i'll be looking for someone with a dremel.
  4. nj82tj

    How do I get this thing off?

    This is an aluminum spacer that was under my front dérailleur. I can't bend it with pliers, so how the F do I get it off? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  5. nj82tj

    Winter Rebuild with pic

    Just for you, I bought some tubes and mounted my tires! :pirate2: Also, I just used some hockey tape double wrapped on the rim. That should be alright yea?
  6. nj82tj

    Winter Rebuild with pic

    yeah, i'm kind of thinking about just keeping the for for a while now. it has 4" of travel and both sides are air adjustable. i'm undecided.
  7. nj82tj

    Winter Rebuild with pic

    Just thought I would put this on here because I have nothing better to do right now. My bike originally started off as a 2001 Trek Fuel 98. The only parts left from that are the front and rear derailleur, handle bars and front fork. My build list consists of Azonic Outlaw wheels (36hole) on a...
  8. nj82tj

    Tube size question...

    I bought 26x2.4 Holy Rollers for my bike and I need some tubes for them. Will a 26x2.5-2.7 be an okay fit, or should I go with 26x2.25-3.0? Thanks!
  9. nj82tj

    Azonic Outlaw valve question.

    Can anyone tell me what kind of valve these use? Presta or Schrader? Thanks.
  10. nj82tj

    Fork recomendations?

    I'm thinking about buying a new fork for my bike this winter. It's an Azonic Steelhead and I use it for some trails but mostly city/urban riding. Right now I have an old Marzocchi Z3 from like '01. What would be a good fork for me to replace it with? I weigh around 250 too if that makes any...