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  1. Ascentrek

    Are You Guys OKay?

    For some reason we made the news.... as if we never get snow, or as if we're never prepared for it.
  2. Ascentrek

    Share the Road license plate

    There are campaigns that want riders to stay IN the road. Drivers that try to pass a biker that is close to the edge actually cause more accidents than those in the middle of the road. IF a rider is in the middle of the road, then YOU have to consiously pass them when its safe. You must be...
  3. Ascentrek

    Calling all Golden/Denver/JeffCo Freeriders

    Love your enthusiasm.... However, its not like we aren't trying or haven't tried. Jeffco was ready to allow an area to be built on top of N. Table mountain. If we would have pushed it at all, it would have gone through. But a ton of rider (many on this forum), whined and complained...
  4. Ascentrek

    Calling all Golden/Denver/JeffCo Freeriders

    You don't free ride anyway... except the fact that riding is free!:busted:
  5. Ascentrek

    i'm a dumbass need some advice (bike related)

    You won't go wrong with a 72. I much prefer my 108! The oil is normal. Just wipe it thoroughly, build wheel, ride a little, and wipe it again. I prefer Hadley over King.
  6. Ascentrek

    what is the cost of living like in Denver

    Stop at Aruora for those prices. Gunshoots and hookers are extra
  7. Ascentrek

    Star Wars!

    How did they snap 2 deraileurs hangers? Mud? I don't get it? I would love to see pictures of the kids on Kessel! I can only hope you had the camera (Which, knowing you, you didn't have). Sorry I couldn't make it! Next year man!
  8. Ascentrek

    anyone have a 73e X 128mm ISIS BB?

    I got one. Thanks though. Now I'm searching for a good and cheap 150mmx12mm hub.
  9. Ascentrek

    Nomad Vs. Bullit (review)

    I just built up my VP-free this last weekend. My bullit is now taken apart and ready to be sold. I will do a VP-free vs. Nomad vs. Bullit review soon.
  10. Ascentrek

    Possible FR/DH that can be used for XC

    VP-free pedals and descends better than the Bullit. I just graduated from the Bullit college.
  11. Ascentrek

    anyone have a 73e X 128mm ISIS BB?

    Guys, I'm looking to see if anyone (or any shop) has a bottom bracket for a VP-Free. It'll be a 73e X 128 Isis drive type. If anyone has one, please let me know asap. Thanks!
  12. Ascentrek

    Christmas comes before Halloween!

    Veloswap is mostly a rip off because everyone want's top dollar for crap.
  13. Ascentrek

    Fruita Mud Fest

    If you had a camera, would you take pictures?
  14. Ascentrek

    Rolling curvy singletrack

    Sorry dude, "Star Wars" siingletrack was best summed up with N8's picture. Yours resembles the cops chasing us through downtown denver.
  15. Ascentrek

    Darwin! Darwin! Darwin!

  16. Ascentrek

    SC nomad sizing...

    ...in length. There is a difference in the thickness too. The large has some significant strength gains. Are you putting the coil or DHX air on it?
  17. Ascentrek

    SC nomad sizing...

    Oh My! I can't believe I saw that! That is my fav! I'm drinking scotch tonight!
  18. Ascentrek

    SC nomad sizing...

    If it helps, I'm 6-2 and the Large is a tad on the short size for me. I prefer it that way anyway. With the seat post angle going ever higher, the further back your weight will be. The large bike you get the less you'll have issue rearing back. Otherwise there is significant top tube size...
  19. Ascentrek

    FYI/A: 400 GB hard drives for $100!!!

    OMG, DUDE you are such a geek. You ain't got anything, Boeing owns it. Watchyu got at home, Eh? :busted: