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    need help getting my bike to double down

    Hey, I was seeing if anyone has room for an extra dh bike in their car coming from the Seattle area to Spokane for the Beacon Double Down. I'm coming in from montania and only have my hardtail out here, and from what I hear this course is going to be rather awesome if I can race expert. My dh...
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    secret girlfriend?

    i dunno i feel like in all the recent episodes of south park they take one little idea that is pretty funny and then just force it to be an entire episode. the harley thing was funny but half the episode was them making motorcycle noises. funny the first time but wore off pretty quick when they...
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    secret girlfriend?

    anyone else watching it? i think its hilarious, especially considering south park has gone to absolute s*** imo. if only it was on showtime or something, got more smoking chicks then just about anything ive seen. ive definitely had the crazy exs but wish mine were all that hot and still trying...
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    Moscow Arms Race 2.0

    you and your rumors kyle know there are plenty of offers out there, but if anyone needs a ride im leaving seattle friday returning sunday. and i dont drive like a normal downhiller so chances are good you will make it back. come support if you can people, multiple great tracks with all...
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    Suggestions for next years "fluidride" cups

    with regard to dual slalom and lack of interest, i was planning on competing once but then i found out it was only one class and if your quali time wasnt up to par you wouldnt even race at all. i may have either heard or remember wrong now so apologies if that is not true, but there is no way i...
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    rampage 2009?

    sorry if im just completely out of the loop but is the red bull rampage happening again this year? if so when?
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    thanks to all you trail builders

    right now im doing labor for a few contractors/ working around the parents house so i have a flexible schedule
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    Fluidride Cup #3 - Ski Bowl, Mt Hood

    dual? did a course ever get built there?
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    Ft William Live!

    when is bryn going to put it together in the finals? killed in in qualis, and i dont remember the other results this year but i feel like he has done this a few times this year now. dude is definitely a pinner and due for a good finals showing
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    thanks to all you trail builders

    i was up at the latter of the two exits (at least the two i know of) today and i have never seen it in better shape, all the trails i rode were absouletly mint and have obviously seen a lot of work. also been to sst a few times since getting back and as always it was riding great. i just wanted...
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    camping at beacon?

    hey, does anyone know if you are allowed to camp at beacon, or know of anywhere very close to it where you can? ill be riding there tomorrow, friday 22nd, if anyone wants to ride or say hi going by thanks much, charlie
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    2009 Beacon Downhill Race: Double Down Hoe Down

    sweet, but the faster you make it dual, the earlier i will start making plans (read: stocking up on beer) that is unless kyle and mike made the entire dual track off camber too
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    2009 Beacon Downhill Race: Double Down Hoe Down

    you had better mean dual
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    Motivation gone...

    in my humble opinion you druggies got it all wrong. coke and meth your going to be all twitchy on the bike, doesnt make you want to go outside either. and minor issue of you heart exploding. mushrooms will motivate you like none other. the trees will become alive and ask you to come hang with...
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    Not Enough Riding Here.....

    wait this isint about sunday vs (insert every other bike here)? and it doesnt have shots of you not riding you shiny bike that you must never ride to keep that clean? and your not posing every little detail of your build? and you can actually ride? and your not wearing your full tld race kit to...
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    GreenLake Jumps / Seattle

    i go there every once in a while, if you want to ride with other people go to south seatac any sunny day and you will find them
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    Moscow Arms Race!

    ill be there on the condition that kyle is not allowed to do another x up on the sentinal pumped to get back out there, its going to be a sweet weekend, ive ridden these trails (not finished versions) and they are primo. ill be going from bellingham through seattle area, may have seats in the...
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    Moscow Arms Race!

    sickness, i shall be there
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    gwinn, top ten at his first wc? and he is getting filmed by clay porter, and everyone knows that makes you 5 seconds faster
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    Beacon Blowout 2008 photo blowout

    dont get me started... to answer your question yes they changed the course, straight after the step up instead of turning left. imo it was ridiculous to take out the two coolest features on the course, and as far as i can tell most people were in agreement with me on this one