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  1. BIGHIT756

    New Magura's....**Gustav**

    Slightly used....but the power of the Gustav's is unmatched...sooooo NICE!!!! :monkey: **edit....bad quality..but ya'll get the point**
  2. BIGHIT756

    Rooming in Whistler

    oooooh god ok...thats good...cuz we had that entire trip planned out haha...i got scared!!! thanks man:biggrin:
  3. BIGHIT756

    Rooming in Whistler

    so wait....if im goin in october, and im 20 and the person i am bringing is 18, we cant stay in a hotel in whistler? am i hearing this right?
  4. BIGHIT756

    Video from S-line

    Keep bringin the videos man...they are sick. we all know you guys do some shovelin'....so keep entertaining us with the vids
  5. BIGHIT756

    PNW's Picture thread!!

    muddy beast-----your buddies jeep is sweeeet!!!!
  6. BIGHIT756

    Center Cycle break-in/stolen bikes

    Last night Center Cycle bike shop in Renton, was broken into. Two bikes were stolen. It would be nice if everyone could keep an eye for these two bikes.... -2007 Specialized SX Trail 3 Rust color serial #: PJ6D1821 -2007 Specialized Enduro SL Expert Brown serial #: WUD29054SB-...
  7. BIGHIT756

    Pre-PA rippage @ SST this Friday

    its different though...and its not as good
  8. BIGHIT756

    Pre-PA rippage @ SST this Friday

    its a distance jump now, like you have to go sooo slow and there is no pop to it. it doesnt throw you up in the air any more...you can hardly tell you are even in the air before you land...all im saying is that it was fine how it was...and then someone messed with it...like usual at sea...
  9. BIGHIT756

    Pre-PA rippage @ SST this Friday

    the table gap officially SUCKS. i wonder who messed with it...because it was fine the way it was...??? :plthumbsdown:
  10. BIGHIT756

    SX Trail questions

    mine wieghs in at 38 pounds, and i have a small frame. i put a 66RC2X on mine and its a little heavier than the original vanilla 36....but still only 38...but 35 GOD DAMN!!!
  11. BIGHIT756

    New Downhill Video For Fox Shox

    to be honest...even though the other one was more professional...it was boring!! the e27 vid was a lot better!!!!!
  12. BIGHIT756

    TLD Helmet

    i dont have any measurements right now, but i usually ran small helmets inthe past, and i had to get the medium/large TLD. so if you wear a large helmet now, or even a medium, consider getting the XL. if you wear a small, probably med/large. they fit niiiiiiiiice though when you get the right...
  13. BIGHIT756

    SST friday

    haha...im headin out straight from work...prolly round 730ish...better be some light left!! there should be right??? oh well im still comin!!
  14. BIGHIT756


    please tell me some peeps are heading out to sea tac today....its sooo perfect out!!!! im gonna be there until my legs fall off!! hope to see some people
  15. BIGHIT756

    Sunday SST throwdown

    sst was prime today....wish i could of gone to PA...not too sure whats there but would of been cool!! oh well, sst was fast and it was nice out for a change
  16. BIGHIT756

    Sunday SST throwdown

    hell ya im goin after work with my friend jeff....we'll be there round 530 ish.....lookin good today weather wise!!! even if it rains later it should be pretty dried out
  17. BIGHIT756

    Sunday SST throwdown

    i was thinkin about goin out tomorrow morning at like 9ish....but i dont know man, its hella wet out lol.....its like a river everywhere, i cant imagine the trails!!!
  18. BIGHIT756

    PNW's Picture thread!!

    while were on the jeep subject...thought id post up my two cents:thumb:
  19. BIGHIT756

    evening ride tomorrow.....

    ....round 630ish at SST....just wondering if i'm gonna be all alone or if anyone will be there....if its anything like today, it should be a great evening of jumpin!!!
  20. BIGHIT756

    yet again, ANOTHER sst ride thread

    hey, jimbo you gonna be there around 1:30-4:30???? thats when me and a few friends are gonna be there....thatd be sweet havent ridden with you in a while!!!