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  1. MikeOK

    So what do you think of carbon seatposts?

    I had an easton and it broke the first time I rode.
  2. MikeOK

    Thoughts on a Heckler as a trailbike?

    Sweet bike, what does it weigh?
  3. MikeOK

    It's Here! It's Here! My New Camera Lens is HERE!

    I had that before my machine crashed and now I can't find the link. Does anyone have a link?
  4. MikeOK

    It's Here! It's Here! My New Camera Lens is HERE!

    Sweet. Which body did you use?
  5. MikeOK

    Thoughts on a Heckler as a trailbike?

    I want to follow this one too. I'm leaning towards the 575.
  6. MikeOK

    How high is the quality of life for your towns hobos?

    the hobo village up the river from where i ride sometimes is like a little kingdom without a king. they all pretty much get along allright and help each other out though. every once in awhile one of the hobos will go to town and pillage enough to score a jug of redeye and a big box of old mil...
  7. MikeOK

    How high is the quality of life for your towns hobos?

    there's a little hobo village close to a place i ride
  8. MikeOK

    ~~~Happy Humpday Morning!!~~

    it's saturday for me hehe
  9. MikeOK

    ~~Good Tuesday Morning!!~~

    good morning
  10. MikeOK

    Singlespeed Cassette Disc Hubs

    thanks for the info, this helps
  11. MikeOK

    Digital SLR cameras

    Lots of Nikon and Canon stuff here: fredmiranda.com I have the 20D, would suggest the digi rebel for you. Good camera for the money. Here's some shots from my 20D: http://www.brightok.net/~will-ss/
  12. MikeOK

    Monarch Crest & St. Elmo pics.

    Nice shots, I have been to most of those places and it looks like you guys covered it pretty well.
  13. MikeOK


    I was up at the Butte for a few days last week, injuries still have me off the bike but I did get in a little hiking and was able to get this shot of a typical butte biker:
  14. MikeOK

    Pink Floyd!!!

    I grew up listening to PF, now my teenage kids listen to them too. Timeless music, but can also be an acquired taste.
  15. MikeOK

    McDonalds to sell bikes

    mchuffy hehe good one
  16. MikeOK

    wireless home network for home?

    Well it's up and working. I'm on my laptop downstairs and all the doo-hickeys are upstairs out of the way. You guys are right, it was way too easy. I mean WAY too easy. I should have done this a long time ago. Thanks for the tips...
  17. MikeOK

    wireless home network for home?

    Thanks guys. 2 of us here are into CG, so moving big files will happen on occasion, but will mostly be for internet purposes. Right now I only have the two machines to network but we have 4 in the house of varying degrees of network-worthyness. I guess that means we'll likely have 3 total at...
  18. MikeOK

    wireless home network for home?

    Hello. I need to set up a wireless network at my house. I'll be getting DSL and will have to spring for the modem that they provide. I need the best way to set this up, will appreciate any tips. Here's what I got: -Desktop: Sony VAIO, Win XP Home SP2 with 10/100 ethernet card. -Gateway...
  19. MikeOK

    RR: Crested Butte '04 - WARNING: X-post from The Lounge

    Sweeeeet! I've ridden some of that, hope to ride more of it later this summer. Thanks for the report. By the way, great pics, those bring back memories. We were riding along the creek south of DeadMan's through the windy fast section of trail, my friend (who is a very large boy) crashed hard...