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    2 Dimensional Suspension Release

    BCD (Alex Morgan) also made a carbon one many years before all these prior art examples already posted.
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    The Zerode thread

    I have a P1.18 and there isn't any drivetrain drag. The combined tire, suspension and brake drag/inefficiencies cause issues but nothing in the gearbox. The only drive issue that sometimes comes up on the trail is the freewheel in the gearbox, when moving slowly (rocky uphills especially) the...
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    RideMonkey How To Series: Throwing a Tantrum in Public

    So in lieu of any actual figures that weren't created in MS paint (referring to the single graph on http://www.tantrumcycles.com/technology.html), I've uploaded a linkage file to the public repository. Pivot locations won't be exact but they are close enough to draw accurate conclusions. No-one...
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    any team rumours nonsense this year

    Going by his results from last season Enduro is exactly where he should be, with the rest of the washed-up DHers.
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    World Champs 2012 Thread

    But not anything special for that one race.
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    Prototype Specialized DH Bike

    Use this picture as a reference. I'm not trying to be an ass and I'd love to take a spin on it simply because it is a bike and bikes are fun. http://cdn2.coresites.mpora.com/dirt_new/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/MG_0046.jpg Draw a straight line along the chainstay between the Dropout pivot...
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    Prototype Specialized DH Bike

    Wow good job Specialized, make a bad frame even worse. Good luck pedalling without massive amounts of LSC.
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    Evil Undead

    You may be able to find a needle bearing that fits but not a ball without also changing out the bolt through the middle. Sphericals require less space than a ball bearing with the same ID.
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    Vallnord DHI 2013...

    Gee has shown he is capable of winning on his new bike, how many has Gwin won on his or even come close?
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    G-BOXX Planetary, first pics

    It would be good if Pinion and Effigear could agree on a mounting standard too, at least for boxes that are aimed at the same/similar frame types.
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    Vallnord DHI 2013...

    Like quoted before, resale values as well as limited choices in the whole change-over phase, forcing people to change out parts they wouldn't have otherwise. Is the market large enough for manufacturers to do 26" and 27.5 on all products? For instance I'm looking for a trailbike at the moment...
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    Vallnord DHI 2013...

    GOOD sign? Good sign for manufacturers you mean. Questionable benefit for racers AND consumers with a few downsides, like.....
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    Ft. William 2013 World Cup Round 1

    Extra chainstays weighing him down.
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    Complete Guide to Downhill Rubber

    No they aren't at Pietermaritzburg.
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    Ft. William 2013 World Cup Round 1

    From http://theroostmag.com.au/fort-bill-track-walk/#more-6449 Is he back riding internationally this year? I still remember seeing him smash his way down Yarramundi on the Avanti that got pinched at a world champs or similar.
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    You Go Girl!

    I like the comment about violating the laws of physics.
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    Marzocchi 380 C2R2 Ti & Moto C2R Shock

    Min line isn't axle to crown so not directly comparable.
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    Marzocchi 380 C2R2 Ti & Moto C2R Shock

    Maybe just to allow for different tyre & rim combinations and possible law suits from people not testing prior to riding?
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    Marzocchi 380 C2R2 Ti & Moto C2R Shock

    Official numbers: Dorado - 567 in 180mm travel mode, 591 in 200mm travel Current 888 - 581mm http://www.manitoumtb.com/index.php?page=fork&fork=Dorado&discipline=all http://www.marzocchi.com/template/detailProdotti.asp?LN=UK&idIU=2463&idC=1629&IdFolder=113&uf=IU&IdOggetto=60697