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  1. BigBoi

    Not the Snowshoe or MSA thread: Vallnord Andorra!

    This is the link from the OP above. No mention of DH time. Hope you are right!
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    Not the Snowshoe or MSA thread: Vallnord Andorra!

    Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup UCI Vallnord, Andorra 5 – 7 July 2019 Vallnord, Andorra la Vella, Andorra Watch Replay AIRED TODAY Replay available For the first time in 2019, down
  3. BigBoi

    Not the Snowshoe or MSA thread: Vallnord Andorra!

    What time is the DH men’s race tomorrow on the East Coast of the US? RedBull tv doesn’t currently mention anything other than a replay of the XC race. Thank you!
  4. BigBoi

    New old bike.

    I’m selling my XL SB66c for $1200...maybe less
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    The E-word thread. EWS

    Leadville? I wouldn’t put that in my body
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    The E-word thread. EWS

    Gonna git jacked!
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    The E-word thread. EWS

    Riding all day without getting tired, looking like a GOD at your local pool, outbenching everyone at the gym....sounds awesome! Anyone here have any personal experience with PEDs? Asking for a friend.
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    Videos that don't suck

    Good thread.
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    Clydesdale biking pants?

    Bingo! Fly Racing Kinetic Shield Pant FIT: 3” longer inseam on sizes 28-38 and a 2” longer in seam on sizes 18-26 Thanks man!
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    Clydesdale biking pants?

    Gonna check out REI and order Flexairs if needed. The longest inseam I’ve found online is 32.5. I would imagine People over 6 ft ride in the winter too
  11. BigBoi

    Clydesdale biking pants?

    This is the first winter I've searched for bike specific trail and/or DH pants and I can't find anything long enough. Any taller people that have a go to bike pant? 38 waist, 36 inseam (34 could work too)
  12. BigBoi

    Kona process165

    Pretty sure Kona just reintroduced the long-legged Process recently - hence the lack of reviews or feedback. I’ve been eyeing it myself now that it’s available in XL
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    Mountain Creek went to s#*t.

    Do they still keep a bear in a small cage at the top? That was fucking brilliant
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    wake the eff up! msa is this weekend, broflakes!

    Thanks!!! Some of us need a lil help
  15. BigBoi

    Lourdes--18d : 22h : 34m

    Thanks man!
  16. BigBoi

    WC replays missing.

    Red Bull doesn't have world championships on replay each year, just the cup races. Not sure why but prolly legal/ownership rights per UCI.
  17. BigBoi

    Winter East Coast DH?

    Maybe the average ANNUAL temp is in the 50's
  18. BigBoi

    Flat pedals, big feet

    Wear size 14 and love the scarabs
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    Gwin and Bruni are going to be smoke the rest of the field...by a lot