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  1. DFoxracing

    Shots From The Other Day

    getting stale on FACE trail?? I can't believe that... that trail is too cool
  2. DFoxracing

    do you motocross?

    Check the new blue toy.. ps anybody want to buy a 2002 cr 125?
  3. DFoxracing

    do you motocross?

    Ya, i thought that gear was way too nice for dude-bra-guy-holmes-bro-guy kendall weeds style...
  4. DFoxracing

    do you motocross?

    kendall weed, why you walkin stair steps??
  5. DFoxracing

    do you motocross?

  6. DFoxracing

    do you motocross?

    man i miss the moto. the CR125 is collecting dust in the garage. the mecca Pozo needs to be closer to HB.
  7. DFoxracing

    new noodlyness from norco

    That's mine. It didn't actually come stock like that, I left it leaning against a lava lamp.
  8. DFoxracing

    "Video game view" helmet cam

    That angle is perfect for the slow, steep stuff. For the high speed stuff you'll want to angle it up a bit.
  9. DFoxracing

    laguna bicycle riding tomorrow

    anyone gonna be down in laguna tomorrow (saturday 4/20) and want to charge some bicycles? pm me or something dan
  10. DFoxracing

    grip shift for dh?

    got them on all my bikes, love them
  11. DFoxracing

    Thule SideArm for fat tires

    i had this problem with a yakima rack i used to have. i simply had to deflate the tires some to have them nestle down. worked great, just kind of a pain to have to bring a pump every time.
  12. DFoxracing

    Tha SAVAGES raced inc. Richard Lancaster!

    Cuz you got them big giraffe legs, gotta hem them up a bit. Trail is gnarlier than ever though, good stuff. anyone got a shot of bquinn jumping the tree jump with a flat??
  13. DFoxracing

    Tha SAVAGES raced inc. Richard Lancaster!

    They call me Dan. It was a good day. never seen that many people out on that trail.
  14. DFoxracing

    Tha SAVAGES raced inc. Richard Lancaster!

    that random dude is me. thanks
  15. DFoxracing

    In need of roommates!

    northbound on the 405 from my place is a piece of cake, i do it every day. its southbound that gets slow
  16. DFoxracing

    In need of roommates!

    I posted this a while ago under a wrong thread and thought i would give it a shot one more time. I bought a house in huntington beach (2 miles from beach, across street from hidden valley dirt jumps) and am in need of roommates. It is a 4 bedroom house and i currently have 3 rooms open. Rooms...
  17. DFoxracing

    any south bay monkeys looking for a housemate?

    I just bought a house in huntington beach. looking for roommates. Pump track in back yard. I've got 3 oversized open rooms. Let me know if you're interested, or if anyone else is.
  18. DFoxracing

    Nov. 17/18 - Southridge 16th annual Challenge

    I'll be there most likely. that's right... back in the racing scene after a couple year hiatus. Is the wall sprint in effect? cuz god knows i'm in tip top shape for a good long sprint at the end of a race run.
  19. DFoxracing

    New house = new pump track

    wifey? haha
  20. DFoxracing

    New house = new pump track

    wooden rollers need some work, need to mellow out the trannies. but there is potential.