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  1. [Dv8]

    Minaar's Honda 4X bike (close-up shot, in the pits)

    hmm i'd rather drive a honda then ride one..
  2. [Dv8]

    East coast or West, best riding.

    Couldnt east and west just even themselves out. There is pretty intense riding on both ends. Hard comparision.
  3. [Dv8]

    lighest dh tires

    Continental Diesel 2.5 Super grippy, fast, light. Not good for mud. Not good if your a hack.
  4. [Dv8]

    Engineers-is this going to snap?

    probably will crack sooner or later... be smooth..
  5. [Dv8]

    If you were going to buy a new flat pedal right now...

    try azonics X types..
  6. [Dv8]

    What kind of beer is in your fridge right now?

    sleeman.... lots of sleeman... the odd kokanee..
  7. [Dv8]

    anyone ride in lethbridge?

    live in lethbridge, used to ride here. it all sucks ass. bring me mountains and magical chairlifts. :mumble: ^^^ pinkbike also sucks.