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    Brake hose - Goodridge Vs. Hope

    I noticed that the goodrigde lines can be bought in bulk. I am just woundering what is used to cut them down to size?
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    07 RS forks are realsed

    no one in the bike industry is making a killing on what they sell
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    US Open Registration update!

    thats funny they said i couldn't get my money back with my broken foot
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    LBS parts prices

    i could see this if the proper tools were used. ie, a race puller, race install tool the race puller is a big money tool, and if you got it done on the spot, i would say it was wroth it, better than the $300 it would cost for the tools
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    WC Kit for Boxxer Team?

    I havn't seen the parts listed in either of those two places, so best bet is stright from sram
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    How many people own 2 or more bikes?

    Spec demo 8 - DH bike bafla 2 step DH - old DH bike IH hollowpoint mtx - DS,mtx, but really its just fun to ride Evil DOC - park and dj IF deluxe - xc surly steamroller - track bike Surly pacer - road bike
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    WC Kit for Boxxer Team?

    http://www.bustedspoke.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=22861 this should help
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    S.I.C. proto finsh

    great now what am i going to do with all my camodized stems
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    What do you guys think of road cassetes?

    38 up front with a 12/27 in the back. I find this works great for me out east with 165 cranks
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    Demo 8 Shock Length

    what about putting a pice of wood in place of the shock. I'll do that but i just have a 7" fork holding me over untill I can order a 8" fork.
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    Demo 8 Shock Length

    Another soul would like to see. right now i'm just running more sag
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    Horrible attempt at riding and Video.

    Dan fall down and go boom
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    06 Boxxer Maxle Question.

    could you use the maxle dh on the pike, cause the boxxer ride uses the maxle QR and it should be the same lower legs as the rest of the boxxer line.
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    Roco Spring?

    as long as the stroke is the same ex. if you had a 9" i2i shock with a 2.75 stroke and your new shock is 8.75" i2i with a 2.75" stroke, the same spring could be used
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    Roco Spring?

    any fox/5th/swinger spring will work
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    No Type 6 from Iron Horse?

    dam looks like a blast to ride
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    New Winter Project, PICS.

    looks great Dan just keep your pedals level
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    Poor e13 setup on new bikes.

    make a phone call to specialixed and norco. thats the place to start . I have gotten cheack from companies for spending too much time building new bikes, because of fixing the companies mistakes.
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    difference between 02 and 04 dh-9?

    If you get it just send the shock to push racing
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    What's up with balfa

    the looks just doesn't do anything for me. I liked the BB7 better as far as looks go. maybe have a carbon front triangle that fix it