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    Trail booby-trapping in SC

    My 2 bud's and I parked our cars at Rincon on Saturday at 8am. There was 1 other car in the lot. We then climbed UConn and then returned down UConn, and then climbed UConn and again came back down UConn because ahem...that is the only trail that exists up there (besides some boring fire road)...
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    still fenced off w/ tractors and such. Progress appears steady but SLOW...
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    Morgan Hill

    I got it from someone on the inside that Fox is down 8 machinests (this was at the end of Feb). I also was told they weren't posting the job opportunities on the web, as they wanted them referred by someone already working there, so if your'e in the know, you might want to reapply.
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    Stolen bikes in Santa Cruz (Total Heckler check this out)

    Lets hope some of our friends get their rides back and the idiots that stole them get raped repeatedly in jail ... From this morning's sentinal: Detectives bust bike theft ring Sentinel staff report CAPITOLA � Detectives broke up a stolen bike ring Friday after getting a tip...
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    Stolen bike in Santa Cruz

    it will stick out and be spotted sooner than later. I'll pass the info on the bike over to my friends too. If it's here, you'll get it back... Check the flea market. My friend found his stolen Superlight there a couple years ago
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    Lake Almanor trails?

    I've been going to Almanor every year for a family vacation since 1989. Every year we bring our bikes and end up riding the fire roads. At Sea Otter this year, we ran into Kathy Pruitt, who was raised in Chester/Lake Almanor. I asked her for any tips on local rides. She laughed. She...
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    UCSC/Vandal alert!

    Whatever, what are you gonna do, yaknow? For what it was worth, today I rode the very trails I hiked the other day, and had a F'ing blast!
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    UCSC/Vandal alert!

    Last Sunday afternoon a police vehicle was parked on the fireroad. We ran into some people doing trail work on the trail. Anyone know anything about the police presence and if they ticketed? It would have been better if the a-holes stayed in their car and patrolled highway 9, because when we...
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    Mammoth 411

    As one who has spent a bunch of time in Mammoth with the dream of retiring and spending summers in Mammoth and the rest of the year in Santa Cruz... 1. When does Mammoth typically open for the Dh season? W/ an average snow season, Mammoth Mountain is usually open the weekend before...
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    Back to CA - good rides in SC?

    However, Mammoth does have a small airpport across 395 for little planes...
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    Aptos Jump park

    It's just about 3/4's done. Looks pretty sweet. I still can't believe the County is going to take responsibility for a jump park, or flip for the bill. For what its worth, the post office is looking pretty sweet these days. Looks like summer vacation was productive for some peeps...