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  1. foxfreerider11

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    yay for christmas, and chanakuah, and kwanza:)
  2. foxfreerider11

    what should i ask for?

  3. foxfreerider11

    obligatory newbie post

    rIcHmOnD is Da BoMb yo
  4. foxfreerider11


    what is this about????? and yes you need medication for creating a crazy ass poll that dosent make sense
  5. foxfreerider11

    Helmet debate

    well i got hit by a plane.....so i win
  6. foxfreerider11

    ok i'm pissed

    i know i had like 300 posts the other day!!!!! omg omg! i was going to have a party and everything i mean like my 2 friends were gonna come over and everything! and then we would like do cool stuff u know..........but my weekend had to be ruined thanks alot ridemonkey
  7. foxfreerider11

    What is your favorite type of riding to WATCH?

    for me its freeriding, it just something about the "clackity clack clack" sound of wood under the tires that does it for me. although freeriding gets ragged on a lot i think it has enormous potential and descent to watch.
  8. foxfreerider11

    new drops

    yup pretty much those stunts are looking amzing by the way, keep on keepin on
  9. foxfreerider11

    Downhill Team based out of Clifton, Va

    I would join this DH team but I do not have a DH bike. After this school year i should be getting a job to pay for one, but until then im broke. Sounds like a good idea though, good luck with it
  10. foxfreerider11

    NEW GT DHi

    it was a joke.... I dont think any mountain bike gaint has produced has weighed 100 pounds. But honestly lets take everything really seriously from now on.
  11. foxfreerider11

    NEW GT DHi

    hooray for 100 pound bikes!
  12. foxfreerider11

    Quality photo right Hur.

    That Hansel he's so hot right now.
  13. foxfreerider11

    Finally 1,000

  14. foxfreerider11

    How come?

    yeah im a rebel too, sorry
  15. foxfreerider11

    C-ville freeriders?

    o good deal..however i think i will just end up buying an 05' stinky dee-lux at the year's closing. I have freeride at my house and I know people in c-ville who freeride so PM me if u want to ride..
  16. foxfreerider11

    C-ville freeriders?

    I do freeride....but i dont have a freeride bike....just an Xc one i abuse
  17. foxfreerider11

    Snowshoe Compared to Wisp?

    i rode wisp last summer and it was pretty fun and smooth...the DH course was sick. Of course I did all this on an upgraded specialized enduro. I recently went to snowshoe and rented.... and what a good decision that was... I would have broken my little XC bike in half the riding was...
  18. foxfreerider11

    How to progress

  19. foxfreerider11

    WISP results?

  20. foxfreerider11

    the "your momma is so......" thread

    your momma is so fat when she poops.....theres lots of it :think: