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    Real world names that make you laugh.

    Currently dealing with a lady from Backup Exec tech support named Manmeat Nu something. Not sure the nationality - I presume India.

    I love the fedex man! My new Foes is here!!

    How is the bike, and more importantly, the air shock holding up? Could you tell us how the shock feels compared to other shocks you have ridden? Thanks!

    Help! Any U.S. Patent Attorneys out there?

    Where are you from? The firm I work for does patent work. http://wawlaw.com/

    Douthat State Park


    Connecting to a WAN

    Cad files are freaking huge. Any connection will have a lag time when working with these files in real-time. A full T1 is a good option, but may not be practical. You're always gonna be limited to offsite connection speeds, but it usually doesn't affect the majority of users. The majority of...

    Blue Ridge shuttle runs

    Great! More trail poachers - that's exactly what the sport of mountain bikeing needs...........:disgust1:

    arrrrrrrrr...... nine.

    Awesome bike man! I'll be in the market for some new wheels (again) soon, and I may look into a set of those. How do they compare to wheels built with Mavic rims?

    2007 Marzocchi Forks Are Out!!!

    Maybe - but I bet you don't see an 888 shaped like an L.

    What beer should I order?

    Well, it's a real shame there isn't any Chimay options on your lists. :disgust1: So go with a Micro from Colorado.
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    Giant glory help

    I thought about getting one of those bikes too - but from what I've read and heard - it's just an ok DH bike. I think you can probably get one new for around $3500. Here's a few RM links on the subject...... http://www.ridemonkey.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159205&highlight=maestro...
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    Diablo Vs Snowshoe

    Go to Diablo if you have never been - the trails are awesome.
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    Snowshoe Race #3 Pics

    Nice pics!
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    Best virus protection?

    Go with AVG or Panda. Trend Micro may have a decent product as well - not sure on that one.
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    My Sunday Got Chubie ??

    Are the Chubies better than the Avy with a remote resevior?
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    Snowshoe Gap jump...An SK6 Perspective....(HUGE 56k KILLER!!!!)

    Nope - I seen it with my own eyes! and The rods are PVC, and they are flexy - atleast the ones I looked at were.
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    New thirty + foot road gap at SS

    Nice!!! Is that Stoney clearing the gap?! That's fvcking awesome!
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    New thirty + foot road gap at SS

    That's the way the sport is progressing - you gotta go bigger and faster. It's like that in any sport - look at Freestyle Moto and Motocross. Look at other DH events - every course is gonna get bigger and nastier as time goes on. I guess you either need to man up and hit that type of stuff...
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    New thirty + foot road gap at SS

    That's a long way out there........ The rest of the pics. http://www.ride.snowshoemtn.com/#
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    monster park/race#3.

    I found this on their website (Look at the bottom under the confirmed Monster Park riders): http://www.ride.snowshoemtn.com/events05.html
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    a real desktop replacement notebook

    You can get a MacBook Pro for that, if you wanted to make the leap. http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore.woa/wo/0.RSLID?mco=925997E8&nclm=MacBookPro