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  1. marra

    Labyrinth Minotaur 2011

    the rear tire is a mobster! what a classic
  2. marra

    Zero stack top cap for 2010 Giant Glory

    you can also cut the cone spacer
  3. marra

    post your 2010 rides!

    my turner dhr, havent weighted it yet but looks lite :rolleyes:
  4. marra

    Super 8: Illusionary Lines

    i think that it was a very good movie, but not even near to the level of between the tape, that was the best movie ever imo. the colors and everything was really good, the only problem was it was sped up, congrats to porter, hope the incoming video is as good as btt
  5. marra

    Down To Earth 2 //Final Teaser

    yes it does!
  6. marra

    Shimano Saints VS Avid Codes...your choice?

    between those, avid codes for sure, but they're heavy formula might be better
  7. marra

    andrew shandro quote

    there's a posibility that you will go down, but is in the back of your mind
  8. marra

    Rim Reccomendation Please

    what do you think about the new dt 6.1??
  9. marra

    Quienes de este foro son de chile????

  10. marra

    questions: fox dhx5

    at 165lbs your bike should be bottoming often i think i have a 06 sunday and i'm 155lbs with a 300lbs spring and it's very soft. what's your exact tuning
  11. marra

    saints or diabolous cranks?

    what's the weight difference? are the saints in 165? i have a sunday elite and i would like to change the RF for shimano, do i have to change the BB too? thanks guys
  12. marra

    Worlds 2006 - Rotorua NZ

    sam and sabrina world champs........ how do you think they can celebrate?
  13. marra

    Iron Horse Sunday Factory 07

    someone knows the exact date when they are gonna start selling the frames? and the price? thanks
  14. marra

    Worlds 2006 - Rotorua NZ

    hahahaha, it would be nice!
  15. marra

    Worlds 2006 - Rotorua NZ

    So maybe Sam is going to have problems racing his SUNDAY
  16. marra

    Iron Horse Sunday Sizing?

    im 5'8 and riding a 17" but i have the possibility to change to a 16, what do you think
  17. marra

    SDGH contact

    i have the same problem!
  18. marra

    Suggestions for “pedalable” DH bike

    giant glory, pedals very very good