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    2008 Suji Tahoe SL 29er.. Opinions?

    Thanks for the input, that is quiet a list. Here is a link to the bike http://fujibikes.com/2008/bikes.asp?id=444 Martini, that is what I had in my head, if I do not like the bike, the sum of the parts will be worth what I pay for it. MMcG The Fisher Paragon is by far my favorite bike...
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    2008 Suji Tahoe SL 29er.. Opinions?

    Well I have been shopping for a 29er for almost a month now and have decided on hard tail. I have a friend that can get me a Fuji Tahoe SL cost. Do any of you have experience with Fujis ? Espcially this bike? Any reason not to purchase? I really can't test ride these at this time...