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  1. Diablo_Freeride

    Diablo Negligence WTF????

    While it is very unfortunate what happened to the original poster, it is not a representation of Diablo Freeride Park being negligent. The “Anthem” trail is a short, offshoot trail that merely serves the purpose as an in-run to the Anthem Drop. This trail was clearly closed with...
  2. Diablo_Freeride

    Mountain Creek (Diablo Bike Park) for sale

    Wrong. A solid contract, and operating agreement are in place and if a sale of the resort were to ever take place these agreements take precedence and cannot simply be canceled, null or void. We just finished our most successful season to date posting another record breaking year of...
  3. Diablo_Freeride

    The future of 4X?

    In this day and age, 111 competitors is a very solid turnout for gated racing. Be it SL, GS or 4X. We used a new format and still had excellent numbers. http://live-timing.com/report.php?r=13696&rp=167701&page=3
  4. Diablo_Freeride

    Diablo Domination Series

    While our last race had a low turnout, it is safe to say that all promoters here in the east are experiencing lower race participation. Whiteface, Windham, Highland, you name it... EVEN plattekill have all posted lower race attendance this year. Since you guys like throwing around numbers...
  5. Diablo_Freeride

    National Champs at SolVista Bike Park

    Very well said! There are so many hidden costs in running an event and SolVista should be applauded for their efforts and attempts to put on a successful event. Based on their trailwork alone it is apparent that they have great intentions and truly want to have an event that people remember. It...
  6. Diablo_Freeride

    Freelap Review - RM Article for Monday, Nov 10.

    This is not necessarily acurate..The Freelap Watch is triggered the instant it hits the detection zone, not anywhere within the zone. Again, simply placing the transmitter 80cm (manufacturer recommendations) beyond the finish line will produce .02 time variances. The JuniorTX Transmitter has a...
  7. Diablo_Freeride

    Freelap Review - RM Article for Monday, Nov 10.

    This is more than likely the issue for the variance between the Freelap system and the Brower system during your tests. The TX Junior transmitters need to be placed 80cm after the the Brower beams, not next to them. Placing the TX transmitter directly next to, or inline with, will produce times...
  8. Diablo_Freeride

    Freelap Review - RM Article for Monday, Nov 10.

    We've been testing the Freelap system extensively this past season and have achieved much greater accuracy. In fact, an independent, renowned track and field coach is currently testing the Freelap system versus the MicroGate system and he is reporting that Freelap is accurate to .00 - .04...
  9. Diablo_Freeride

    Place to find 08 USOpen DS Results?

  10. Diablo_Freeride

    Freelap Transmitters Stolen

    Both the Freelap system and the new system will coexist on IX. For year 1, the new system will only be on IX. IX will also have the Freelap system. You'll be able to see your times on your watch (if you already own one) or be able to view online (if you purchase a chip).
  11. Diablo_Freeride

    Freelap Transmitters Stolen

    Exactly. The chip will be 1x1 and easily ziptied to your handlebars. The technology is already in place, we're working on the back-end programming to fully automate the timing system. There will be no buttons to press and all data will be immediately uploaded to the website in real-time. One...
  12. Diablo_Freeride

    Freelap Transmitters Stolen

    Chips will be sold at approximately $10 per chip which will be our cost, no markup. The new system will be the first program of this kind in a mtb park environment and the developers are working verly closely with us to create an amazing system, while keeping costs to a minimum.
  13. Diablo_Freeride

    Diablo November 1, 2008

    Excellent photos dave! Very crisp, well composed...best all year!
  14. Diablo_Freeride

    "Last Run Down 2008"

    Weather update: Forecast for the weekend is calling for sunny skies and temps in the 50s. Most of the snow on the upper mountain is gone with only some small patches remaining. By the weekend we are expecting mostly dry conditions. Resorts just to our north received 12-16" inches of snow...
  15. Diablo_Freeride

    Freelap Transmitters Stolen

    No worries, Freelap will definately return next season and there is a plan in place to prevent theft. In addition, the IX course will be 100% complete and will continue to the very base of the mountain. IX will also be getting an 'automated' timing system where your times will appear at a...
  16. Diablo_Freeride

    Closing Date?

    Interesting weather. About 2" of accumulation at the top of the mountain, zero at the bottom. The rain/snow line is just above Alpine. With sunny skies and temps in the 50s later in the week, the snow will be long gone.
  17. Diablo_Freeride

    Tufino DIABLOWEEN Pics

    A few more photos: http://declinemagazine.com/
  18. Diablo_Freeride

    Diabloween - SATURDAY weather?

    Sorry about that. IndyCross is a very sensitive trail that still has not completely set-up 100%. No worries, there are quite a few IX races already planned for next year; including the U.S. Open, an IX Series and some other, soon to be announced concepts.
  19. Diablo_Freeride

    08' Diabloween

    Diabloween tomorrow....It's on! The forecast is calling for SUNNY skies and temperatures near 60degrees! Despite the harsh weather today, Diablo remained open and over 100 dedicated, fanatical riders sessioned the trails! The trail crew will be on the mountain bright and early tomorrow...
  20. Diablo_Freeride

    08' Diabloween

    The weather looks good for Sunday.. Photos from Diabloween 07.