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    Sam Hill TLD pink kit and bike on eBay

    Not sure if this has already been posted elsewhere: Sam Hill's pink Demo frame & TLD pink kit are for sale on eBay, all proceeds to breast cancer fundraiser. Details are on the eBay listings. Frame...
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    WC Round 2 Fort William

    Thanks, its working, I'm happy !
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    WC Round 2 Fort William

    not working for me either - are there any other sites which show it ?
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    WC Round 1: Pietermaritzburg, SA

    power ranger pyjamas go faster :eek:
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    Fort William World Cup - Live Thread

    camellini 3.25 ?????? anyone know if sam hill started ?
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    DH World Cup #1 - Maribor, Slovenia. LIVE THREAD

    wish I knew - can only see the timed results & a blank screen :mad:
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    DH World Cup #1 - Maribor, Slovenia. LIVE THREAD

    can you ride better ?
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    wc schladming thread

    Good point here - a great rider wouldn't get too far without his bike being in perfect condition & set up etc. Well done Jacy - you ARE the best !:thumb: Team managers too - couldn' do it without them. Enjoy the 'off season' guys:)
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    where's the Bromont 2009 thread?!

    See his blog; he'd been unwell all week & was trying to rest up as much as possible, got pretty shook up in a practice run crash before quali's also. amazing race result considering http://www.i-am-specialized.com/gravity/rider/sam-hill#/blog
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    Maribor World Cup Live

    Thanks for the update. Is there any sign of a "let up" in the weather situation? Any decision as to when qualification will take place? Sunday morning? or later on Saturday?
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    World Cup #3 - La Massanna, Andorra

    how come BUGNONE Marco has been put on live timing list to start after Sam Hill ? he qualified 75 th just saw it on live timing.... http://www.uci.ch/templates/BUILTIN-NOFRAMES/Template3/layout.asp?MenuId=MTU0MjY&LangId=1
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    Sam Hill & Brendan Fairclough on Specialized

    Sorry, forgot the link. http://www.specialized.com/bc/SBCWhatsNewDetail.jsp?a=b&minisite=10029&refp=USHome&article=7005&language=US
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    Sam Hill & Brendan Fairclough on Specialized

    Specialized have officially announced today that they have teamed with the Monster Energy DH team of Sam Hill and Bendan Fairclough.
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    What's your favorite quote?

    fav quote: Sam Hill, Champerey 07 "Do you ever train in the rain?" "Nah, my bike gets muddy" he then says something like "I never see a raindrop when I'm in Australia"
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    World Cup Finals - Schladming, Austria!

    quote:You know, if Minnaar bins it in a big way, there's every possibility of Gee taking the overall. I'd be SO chuffed" :plthumbsdown: ......I'd be more chuffed if my fav. rider won by doing his best run & not cos some other unfortunate bloke fell off trying to do his personal best.
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    Sam Hill is going to..............

    ....maybe he's taking up walking instead ??? http://www.samgoeswalkies.com/about.htm:banana:
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    Andorra World Cup

    Its the live timing link--womens are finished and men are still going http://www.uci.ch/templates/BUILTIN-NOFRAMES/Template1/layout.asp?MenuId=MTU0MjY
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    Andorra World Cup

    Seeding results are up on the UCI site
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    Day 2

    great pics - thanks for sharing.
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    World Cup #1 - Maribor, Slovenia.

    Thanks for posting the qualifying/seeding results