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  1. DarrylB

    Steve Smith signs with Devinci. Pics and Video of the new bike!

    Not much of a secret. Most just expected Stevie to be riding for Devinci when Gabe made the move.
  2. DarrylB

    TLD Pants - Modification to fit?

    I just cut mine into shorts,
  3. DarrylB

    Crankworx 2010 Roll Call

  4. DarrylB

    2011 Devinci Wilson DH

    This is the best news I have heard about this bike so far. No more handcuffs while riding a large.
  5. DarrylB

    Quiet Bike tips

    Put a new chain on
  6. DarrylB

    2011 Devinci Wilson DH

    If thats Pendrel on the bike, his suspesion is always really soft, and he is pretty tall.
  7. DarrylB

    new Elka sucking sound?o

    Mine is noisy, mostly on the rebound stroke, but it's fantastic!
  8. DarrylB

    2011 Devinci Wilson DH

    Anybody notice the length of the shock?
  9. DarrylB

    Post your Transition TR450s ,and other Transitions that are sweet.

    Just built her up. I've never been so comfortable on a bike after the first pedal around the block. can't wait to get it dirty tomorrow
  10. DarrylB

    post your 2010 rides!

    Man do I feel sorry for this 951.
  11. DarrylB

    post your 2010 rides!

    We have a Suspension guy here in Vancouver that works magic with 5th's. It's completely rebuilt with a fox shim stack in it, plushest shock I've ever ridden. http://www.suspensionwerx.com As for the fork, I'll take what I'm given, the black boxxer was taken off and sold, the white fork was...
  12. DarrylB

    post your 2010 rides!

  13. DarrylB

    Post the 1 pic of you you're most proud of from this season

    Bear Mt. DH crowd pleaser doubles at the bottom of the track.
  14. DarrylB

    My Best DH/DJ photos of the Season!

    The guy on the blue Orange at the US open is Jamie Biluk (CAN)
  15. DarrylB

    Giant Glory 2010 sizing for a 6'2" rider

    Whats with the steeper HA, Most bikes are running 64, that 65.5 seemed pretty steep when I jumped on a demo this weekend
  16. DarrylB

    Hanging Bikes Vertically

    It works great for making space. I've been doing it for a while now with no issues.
  17. DarrylB

    where's the Bromont 2009 thread?!

    Yeah, Kyle is a tough kid. Only 17 and he has qualified for his first 2 world cups. He is the Canadian Junior champ, I hope he is OK for worlds.
  18. DarrylB

    National Champs at SolVista Bike Park

    Hans Lambert- pro men Claire Buchar -pro women Kyle Marshall -Junior men
  19. DarrylB

    Bromont lodging

    I've done some searches and can't find what I'm looking for. I'll be heading out to Bromont for the Canada cup in July. what places do you recomend that are on the hill, allow bikes in the room, and have the cheapest rates. thanks
  20. DarrylB

    Stolen: 09 Devinci Wilson/09 Norco team DH

    Hey Everyone. A couple bikes where stolen up in Kamloops this past weekend, and I am trying to spread the word. They are both pretty rare bikes, as the Norco is very new and there aren't that many around. The Devinci has custom paint, and only three others exist with the same colour. The...