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  1. Jou

    It's official, Pot makes you stupid...

    They shoulda vap'ed it so it smells like burnt popcorn.
  2. Jou

    Electrical Engineers, your assistance is needed-R/2R ladders

    i took circuits last semested and i have no bleeding idea. My teached was friggen Vandersex which didn't help. I'm ME also and feel that EE and computer Eng are out of thier minds.
  3. Jou

    Opeth fans on the monkey?

    I'll try, but I can't promise much from the center of the pit and probably drunk.
  4. Jou

    Opeth fans on the monkey?

    For Opeth, deliverance is the way to go! I'm gonna have to recomend some In Flames if you like opeth, but im biased because i get to see In Flames on the 4th, ****ing excited.
  5. Jou

    Best internet ownage ever

    where's the cliffnotes version?
  6. Jou

    How will you spend your weekend?

    UW vs BYU Game, friends from out of town, and a sh!t ton of drinking. Of coarse sunday night at 8 or 9 i'll spend 4 hours doing homework.
  7. Jou

    Sony DRM = Malware

    you can still rip it though, just don't click anything when they ask to install, and rip it like you normally would.
  8. Jou

    Anyone else notice something in this photo

    sound bad, smoking not a problem
  9. Jou

    Snowmass MTX Pictures.........

    You don't a larger version of the last pic? Looks like a fellow Tiny Cog'er
  10. Jou

    Stewie Griffin: the Untold Joke

    Family guy movie is acutally 3 combined episodes.
  11. Jou

    2006 FOX racewear?

    I got a set of 06 sorts from them. Pretty nice so far. the botton on the rachet is to easy to press so the slip out if you have a good wreck or just bump it. However the swampass vent is sweet.
  12. Jou

    Lone Peaks Revenge

    Pics here: http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?eventthumbs?event=20CD0915&start=0&ts=1124955544 http://www.grizzlyoutfitters.com/pages/lpr_gallery_10/lpr_gallery_10.html http://www.grizzlyoutfitters.com/pages/lpr_gallery_11/lpr_gallery_11.html...
  13. Jou

    Lone Peaks Revenge

    Race was sweet. And I got to da a run down Sole Hole with Lance and Chris Canfield! 2nd run my rear brake got ****ed up and i tried the waterfall w/no rear brake....bad news bears.
  14. Jou

    Lone Peaks Revenge

    Me and a bunch of friends are going, ill be the complaining about my hangover. Didn't race it last year, but my friends say it's pretty tough, couple steep rocky decents(i think your supposed to jump one of them now).
  15. Jou

    jesus lordy...what is up with the gas prices?

    I love the gas prices, however I feel working in the oil field and my father owning 10 or so oil wells, a gas well, and an oil rig SEVERLY influence me.
  16. Jou

    what happens when you try and fit more beer in your fridge?

    Ever seen a grown man cry?
  17. Jou

    strange bikes...

    super monster might be a bit heavy to wheelie, love to see the balance point on those.
  18. Jou

    squeeky clean

    Are the tires in the same orinetation on purpose, or did it just happen that way?
  19. Jou

    [Deerr Valley NCS] video

    I got the whole thing, using a downloading manager though. Could of done w/out the last guy... Open part looked fun, and the technical part looked...friggen technical. Sweet vid!
  20. Jou

    finaly deciding on a fr frame- I think

    They'll guarantee it won't move, and they will send you a brand new linkage... ...for $225.