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    Since when did everyone working in DC...

    About 14 years ago I could drive from Fredericksburg to D.C. in one hour. That was in my old 69 GTO clone doing 70 to 120mph or so.
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    Found helmet at Shed

    Damn pickle~park! Must of been the peeps that had their bikes laying in the trail on the other side of the log. Those bikes almost got steamrolled.
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    big guys whatcha riding?

    What up B.J. 220lbs rocking the 00 DHR with a new 888
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    There might be some hope for Whitetail

    Some of the O.G's are organizing to lobby the heads up at Whitetail to open for DH.
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    Happy Birthday Jim

    (aka The Professor) It's not the years, it's the miles. I'm down for the 4th. G
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    Obligatory weekly shed thread for Nov. 5th

    Naw, no worries, the trail is already there, a deer trail just needs to be stacked in. I rode it last w/e and it has some nice vert, maybe not 1600' but its a lot. I say unless you know me, you will never see this trail or most of the 15 other trails that can be shuttled.
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    Like Fish

    Heres my old Cobra snakehead
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    Obligatory weekly shed thread for Nov. 5th

    I almost ran over 3 hunters last Saturday on the pipe-run. I'm riding on Sundays I hate getting shot at. Joe Vegas and I the founders of the pipe-run and other shuttle trails at the shed explored a sweet new section of trail that runs all the way down the Mt. with around 1600' of vert. Time...
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    Whitetail has scheduled a snow race

    sweet, there's a lot more DH'ers now around here. Whitetail could be packed every weekend. I'm going to talk with Filz he had some contacts up there and see if they will open the lift.
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    snowshoe trails clear

    You guys are great, always looking out for us.. see y'all in about 11 hours or so..
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    Germantown Cycles Shuttle

    Naw, I'm not hostile, you would have to be the O.G. to understand.
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    having problems with body armor..!

    Have you tried one on? I just got the flak XXXL and can barely zip it up. I put it on and the zippers are about 10inches apart, I say they run way small.
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    Snowshoe This Weekend

    I'll be up there with a few buds.. polished 00 DHR/monsterT
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    Germantown Cycles Shuttle

    Yeah, you greenhorns and bike shop spammers should PM each other instead of posting invites!
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    Snowshoe this weekend???

    Dennis whats up? Yeah we'll be up there late Frieday and just doing the one day deal. I plan on making a few more road trips to SS before it closes..
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    Snowshoe this weekend???

    Tom and I will be there Saturday, I'll be on my polished 00 Turner DHR/ monsterT..
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    Stolen: 2003 Transition Dirtbag

    Looks just like Joes dirt bag. Keep your stuff locked up people.
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    heading out to wakefield right now.

    The new trail at Wakefield is lots of fun. Hit it last Saturday night til almost midnight.
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    backyard freeride in alexandria

    Your welcome over anytime but the shed is so much more fun.
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    backyard freeride in alexandria

    Sounds like fun, I'm right down the street off Fort Hunt rd. I have a nice pirate trail, I've been working on for a long time. PM me some info.