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  1. ktown.freeride

    DH/FR Rain Jacket

    helly hansen jackets are the sh*t.
  2. ktown.freeride

    downhill racing!!

    haha that one dude got a fatttt rock up his ass!!
  3. ktown.freeride

    2007 Factory Sunday

    freshhhhh for sure.
  4. ktown.freeride

    Timed DH practice runs

    is there a purpose to this? or just for fun...
  5. ktown.freeride

    Recommend a bike please!

    since no one has answered this... beyondbikes.com pricepoint.com cambriabike.com go-ride.com theres lots of others too.
  6. ktown.freeride

    Fluidride #2

    is there a good place to stay down there? or is camping the way to go...
  7. ktown.freeride


    tried to ride it last weekend. the parking lot still has 2 ft of compact on each side of the gates. lower moto is only hikable because of all the snow at the beginning. upper is not in any condition to ride ie: river through trail, snow, tree branches. overall, those trails need like a...
  8. ktown.freeride

    Free Delivery is OUT!

    trumpores section was pinnnned. great filiming :thumb:
  9. ktown.freeride

    Any good dh in Pacific Northwest?

    i hope your kidding..
  10. ktown.freeride

    More Slalom!

    what bike do you have that boxxer on?
  11. ktown.freeride

    40lb post! DH/FR Rigs around the 40lb mark! tips, pics, specs

    that sunday is retardeddddd light.
  12. ktown.freeride

    turner dhr custom blue fox and sram stuff

    lets see the whole thing.
  13. ktown.freeride

    Dang! It looks Like...

    if you can ride it man who cares what it looks like!
  14. ktown.freeride

    anyone wanna shuttle this weekend?

    everyone just come out. there will be people there, itll be a good time even if its a bit snowy still. its supposed to be 70!
  15. ktown.freeride

    hutchinson barracuda's-awesome tires

    i run 2.3's and theyre amazing. shed the mud like no other.
  16. ktown.freeride

    anyone wanna shuttle this weekend?

    its been and gonna be pretty warm so its still on.
  17. ktown.freeride

    spring is here....its new bike time....

    are those your only options? because there are a lot of bikes out that would fit your criteria better than those i think.
  18. ktown.freeride

    Official SST picture thread!

    quality photos man.^^ you really live all the way out in pullman?
  19. ktown.freeride

    anyone wanna shuttle this weekend?

    so everyone thats posted ive pm'd back. hopefully we can make this happen! ...and that there wont be snow... nott sure on a time yet but im flexible.