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    Freehub issues?

    I had a similar problem on an I-9 rear wheel. The bearing tension cap was too loose and when the wheel was mounted in the frame it caused the whole set up to bind. Had the same symptoms including chain suck. Good luck with it.
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    "miss me yet?"

    Maybe some of you might enjoy reading a different take on the situation: Review & Outlook The Iraq Debacle An extended civil war is likely. A terrorist caliphate is possible. Email Print 515 Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn smaller Larger June 12, 2014 7:24 p.m. ET The...
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    Re-water proofing a rain jacket

    My Columbia rain jacket failed after many years. Called the company and they sent a new one. Guess that's what you get when you pay for 2-3 when you buy the first one.
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    2013 Snowshoe Bike Park: Racing and Events Calendar

    Haven't seen a course preview, but thought I would mention that it's a Saturday race this weekend with series awards Sat night and a grass DS on Sunday. Not sure how well known the schedule is. Hate to see someone show up Saturday mid day to find the race runs already started.
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    The "Dont you morons ever think..." thread

    Expensing legitimate business expenses favors no one. Every business does this. If we don't, then we ARE taxing revenue, rather than profit or earnings. That's wrong on many more levels than just retarding growth. A grant is a straightforward handout and yes they should sunset. It's...
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    The "Dont you morons ever think..." thread

    I don't agree with calling the expensing (deducting) of legitimate business expenses a subsidy. Shall we start taxing revenue rather than profits? So there should be be no sunset of "subsidies" that are really just a company deducting real expenses from it's revenue. Straightforward handouts...
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    The "Dont you morons ever think..." thread

    Possibly some perspective on "Big Oil Subsidies". Credit to American Thinker March 8 2012. Sorry, the charts would not copy. See http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/big_oil_and_tax_breaks.html for the full article with Charts. By the way, Exxon has maintained a profit margin of between 6...
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    Hey Jay, this is Kurt Dressler. David Dressler's dad. He's the smallest GROM rider. I hate to...

    Hey Jay, this is Kurt Dressler. David Dressler's dad. He's the smallest GROM rider. I hate to ask but neither of us have had any pictures this season. If you happen to have any of us, I'd love a copy at your convenience. Last weekend, I was number 113 and wearing a red/white fox helmet and...
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    Good deal before Nationals...cheap mud spikes.

    El Cheapo for sure. Thanks for the heads up. Bought a couple so now it definitely won't rain.
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    Beech schedule this weekend

    You can email the regional USAC Rep Stuart Lamp slamp@usacycling.org and request the upgrade. I don't get the impression they are very formal about upgrades for gravity riders. Also, my experience has been he can grant it pretty quickly.
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    Beech Mountain volunteer workday - Sunday, May 20th

    Guessing they'll be DS practice Sat morning and race Sat afternoon and probably DH practice Sat as well. Sunday morning DH practice and race in the afternoon. There's only so may possibilities really. However I have no information not available to others and am making assumptions. We all...
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    Beech Mountain volunteer workday - Sunday, May 20th

    Quoted from other post: "Beech Mountain Resort has set additional dates for the much-anticipated Summer Mountain Bike Race Series. The events will occur on the weekends of June 16, August 18, and September 15. The two-day race weekends will offer dual slalom events on Saturday and downhill...
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    Avid bleed nipple o-ring size

    I have the same problem. Need O-rings for the bleed nipple and also need a line clamp. One vanished somewhere along the way. I was told Avid sells a kit with replacement O-rings in the U.S. (part number BKPT50515). A local shop should be able to order them for you. I tried Lowes hardware...
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    Massanutten YEE-HA! 2012 race preview

    Weather forecast is looking much better. www.weather.com/weather/5-day/Massanutten+VA+232:11
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    Beech DH 2012??

    Race before the Nationals???
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    The Very Unofficial Gravity South Series

    As long as you don't include the new loop within Warrior that's about 3/4 way through. (turn right on the double track near the wooden bridge over a log) A friend and I rode that a month or so back and it was brutal. Energy output equivalent to several miles of the regular trail. Super...
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    can i be scammed by a verified paypal account?

    100% scam. I've seen the same language dozens of times.
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    XO brakes for DH?

    My only complaint with the 2011 XO brakes were the levers would quickly wear out so that they would not stay in the correct position. You know how Avids can be pushed out from the bar but have a normal spot where they should stay while riding. The XO's wouldn't stay in the correct spot but...
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    Snowshoe Race 3 2011 Pics

    Thanks for the pics. It's hard to practice, race and take pictures so I really appreciate those who take the time to get some shots and post them. Thanks.
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    who's going to Massanutten?

    Manimal, Me, Reid and David will be up there. I'll tell Dave that Noah is coming. He'll be pumped. See you soon.