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  1. Stiff

    The Bakery: My Mom is the Bob Barker of Mexico

    Fantastic article
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    Roadtrip thread, check it out! we will probably be driving by your house

    Seriously. Same happened to me and a US/Canadian friend going from Seattle to Van with bikes and booze. They took a liter of wine from me (I was going to a dinner party) and weren't going to let us in unless we had C$5000 in cash. Luckily I had prexactly that amount in my pocket in checks...
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    Taking my bikes to South America - Plane lugage or UPS them down?

    Additional luggage restrictions were put in place in May 2011 by United, Continental, Lufthansa and others in that alliance. North America - Europe transoceanic fees are particularly high, $400 r/t right now (golf clubs, and ski/snowboard kits are of course free). Bike policies are now...
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    DSP Dueler opinions

    I used one to slacken and lower a VP free and it's been working well. About 8 months on it now. I don't notice much difference between it and the Fox DHX 5.0 it replaced. Adjustments are responsive. I'd buy one again because of the price.
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    Taking my bikes to South America - Plane lugage or UPS them down?

    I've flown Washy DC to Lima with my DH bike. What Alexis and Heezy say above is the same as my experience. I broke my frame into two pieces that together with the fork and wheels all fit into two regular large sized plaid suitcases and $8 camping mats wrapped around for protection and pipe...
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    List of ALL Lift and Shuttle Served DH Spots

    Bump for sticky
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    AM trip to India (Kerala)

    Also: google Urge Kenya: a race down Mt Kenya with some well known Canuckistanis and French gravity riders last year. Vids and all. 2 DAYS self-propelled climbing and 2 hours descending. I want to do it.
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    AM trip to India (Kerala)

    Yeah Mike, I do get over there a bit. I work for a multilateral agency on land. I've been to Malawi for work, and Uganda quite a lot, not Burundi yet. In fact I'm writing from Nigeria right now. Let's stay in touch off-line. I'm hoping to ride some big eastern African mtns..... And...damn...
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    AM trip to India (Kerala)

    MikeD - Where are you now? Kenya? I travel to Africa quite a bit. would love to bring my bike...
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    Shed Sunday

    Nothing better than some tossing, pantylining, and don't forget hoeing. In fact, I'm going to try to bring a bunch of hoes back from a farmers' market here in Nigeria. So everyone itching to maintain trails can lend a helping hand. $5/hoe.
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    Ski Roundtop downhill potential

    This is great. Some ideas to rapidly get a credible trail system up and running that can help pull in the numbers needed to make the project financially viable. • Diverse mix of trails – trail quality is the most important criterion for any bike park. DH, FR, AM, jumps, natural...
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    Wintergreen DH and Sherando Lake

    yup, I agree with Jaekormtb. Some classic east coast singletrack descents, long, pedally and great for trail bikes.
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    New Lift-Assisted Mountain Bike Park, Asheville, NC

    Great! How much vert? I'll be in NC a bit this season.
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    food shortage, or panic buying?

    It is an incomprehensible stretch to say hunger won't rise won't Burly. More than that, as food prices rise in much of the developing world, economic progress that has been made by countries is being lost (despite the negative reports, which are often incomplete)...
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    Friday (today): Shed shuttles. Have 3 riders, need 1 more. 4 pm start til dark.

    Friday (today): Shed shuttles. Have 3 riders, need 1 more. 4 pm start til dark. riding the steeps I'll check back here at 130 pm to see if any takers.
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    food shortage, or panic buying?

    wow, this is great, all these backyard farmers proposing solutions. I have one tomato plant on my urban balcony
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    food shortage, or panic buying?

    \ No wonder the rest of the world hates us.
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    food shortage, or panic buying?

    ...And also increasing demand for food, especially meat, in China as that country grows. At aggregate, more meat production generally (but not always) means reduced land available for growing vegetables and grain. In many production landscapes around the world, we're now arguably at the limit...
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    Who's up for some Saturday Shed?

    I'm planning to be there tossing with the soccer mom van
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    does WV count here?

    I'm not sure where in WV is the best but very close to WV are three options. I'd recommend Sherando, VA. And closer to DC I'd recommend Elizabeth Furnace, also in VA but very very close to WV. Both are epic. Perhaps the best XC track I've ridden in VA/WV is Confederate Breastworks trail...