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  1. degoose

    Gamut Guides

    Southern by the grace of god ( so you like being stupid and poor) Its ok that you cant afford to live in SB. Not everyone can:)
  2. degoose

    Platform footwear...

    ill sell you the 5.10s(10.5 size) in the low cut, for 40 bucks. They cost close to 80 new. Or ill sell you some intence shoes, for 20.(Same grip as the 5.10.) The intence shoes were actually the exact same shoes featured in the 03 gary fisher catalog(the one when the dudes going up the car to...
  3. degoose

    SB Kids...

    :stupid: + a nice ass...
  4. degoose

    Gamut Guides

    ya there are a lot of people that run there here in sb. Never drop there chains.... Thanks
  5. degoose

    MOJO uk.

    o ok cool, o and pleae print me the vocab.
  6. degoose

    SB Kids and a reponse to the content of the discussions in "Idiot SB Kids"

    ok why is this whole thread on racism, somone at school today told me that there was one thread with people saying stuff about the holocaust. Im sure this thread got deleted, so could somone please fill me in? To any of you who think that the holocaust was funny, my grandmas mom was taking in...
  7. degoose

    Gamut Guides

    how much weight would that guide save over a mrp system 3? On gamuts web site they say that there guides are for slalom and 4x, which is there guide for dh, i know that there are 2 different types....thanks
  8. degoose

    Tunnel Jumps!

    I went riding with sbdhracer, i was just kidding about "did you go riding too"
  9. degoose

    Mammoth downhilling

    Mammoth is so much fun. Im not really into big drops and north shore riding, so mammoth is perfect for me. Mammoth is awsome. Im spending a week at Mammoth this summer. A 2 weeks in winter, then off to Whistler for 6 days.
  10. degoose

    888RC2x with titanium springs

    Dude stop sucking skc s cock, hes an ass hole, hes like 20, home alone on a saterday night! haaa
  11. degoose

    MOJO uk.

    Your Moms butt hole is loose, from what i did to it last night........ The b.o.s sound like a better idea then the 999r, O and the guys first name is the same as mine.
  12. degoose

    MOJO uk.

    Hey have any of you ridden the 999. How does it feel? Would you monkeys rather have a 888rc(2005) and have the 999 thing done to it with ti springs, or have a 888rc2x?(2006) http://www.mojo.co.uk/888_Cart.html Thanks, i need a new fork due to the fact i just bought a stab...
  13. degoose

    Tunnel Jumps!

    Wait, you went to Tunnel too?
  14. degoose

    Middleburn outboard bearing cranks?

    SBdownhillracer, your dads pancakes were good. God i cant belive how fat i am monkeys, after riding today i go to SBdownhill racers house (Trevor) and his dad knows i like his pancakes, so he gave me a ziplock FULL OF THEM!!!! Best day of my life 1. AWSOME ride (Tunnel) 2.Going to...
  15. degoose

    opinions about Roach/Raceface armor?

    I am going to get the roachleg guards, there pretty expensive tho, like 80 bucks! I think that they make awsome armor, but im not a hugh fan of there componat line.
  16. degoose

    Tunnel Jumps!

    New jumps! Or some kind of dirt build up, ITS SWEET. After you get down the stairs, you ride untill the power lines, and there are some sweet jumps along the way down. NOT big jumps, but by all means you can get air on them! - Oliver
  17. degoose

    Middleburn outboard bearing cranks?

    Ya Dirt had an article about them, they said that they are coming out soon. PM brianhcm1 (dont no exact) about them, i think hes a dealer.
  18. degoose

    Favorite full finger glove?

    Rock gardns are the best. I personally dont like the carbon stuff on my hands, i like gloves with no protection, cuz i just feel restricted.
  19. degoose

    Replacing stanchions on fox 40 NOW WHAT!?!?

    O really you bought a 36 talas? I could have sworn that Adam had the 36 not you....