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  1. Brad23

    Canfield Jedi 2011 Proto

    with the Jedi, I see a switch in quality. The quality seems better than most American frames especially Intense. Personally I'm willing to pay more for quality, than a stamp that says "made in the US". On the Intense quality issues.... to quote ICP "whats up with all the shims, how do they...
  2. Brad23

    Best Downhill Saddle

    SDG I-Beam, I-Fly. -No more bent rails (the cover can rip though, but is easily fixed with gaff or gorrilla tape) -Small so it's not in the way. -Light, losing weight up there actually helps with cornering and flicking the bike.
  3. Brad23

    5.10 alternatives

    I've been thinking about trying the Shimano's. I'm not a big fan of the construction of the 5.10's and the grip is almost to good. They also are the worst when they get wet, like my foot is wrapped in a big sponge.
  4. Brad23

    Avalanche boxxer upgrade kit out! Will fit majority of forks!

    I'm in the same exact boat, but it's cheaper than a new fork and I really need something better in the front, as that's the only weak part of a otherwise kickass bike.
  5. Brad23

    Boxxer 2008 Team problem

    I'm 175lbs, and tried the "burp" fix with no luck. I just tried cycling the travel without oil or the damper rod and rebound circuit (moco still in) and it seemed fine so I have my finger crossed that the new AVA damper will be the ticket. Thanks for all the advice!!
  6. Brad23

    Boxxer 2008 Team problem

    the stantions are fully exposed and the lowers only move up ~5.5"
  7. Brad23

    Boxxer 2008 Team problem

    no compression (blue) on at all, it always felt like too much. I tried a softer spring because it seemed I wasn't getting full travel, and then I felt it for sure. Tried the old spring again and same, tried less oil and same. Just order a AVA cart for it, but Craig says he thinks it might be...
  8. Brad23

    Boxxer 2008 Team problem

    yes stock oil heights and weights. It really just stops at about 5.5" of travel. Not a full hard stop, but pretty abrupt. I've tried even removing some oil and same thing.
  9. Brad23

    Boxxer 2008 Team problem

    please help! I'm not getting full travel on my fork. I've gutted it and everything looks fine. I've even tried another spring.
  10. Brad23

    Handlebar/Hand problems

    I have fiddle with my bar's to get them perfect. It's seems a very small amount of rotation is the difference of pain or discomfort me in both hands and wrists. I have med-large hands and ride the rouges, the ruffians are more awkward/painfull for my long-term grip. Cockpits are a lot of...
  11. Brad23

    Did Gnar*'s season ticket price go way up?

    it was $250 before they closed for the spring and no discount for having a pass from last year as they have done in the past. They will be open 7 days a week though for peak summer season, see their website for the details if you can find em. (they have a pretty hard to nav site).
  12. Brad23

    Best Chain

    I searched but too much came up. What chains are peeps happy with for DH?
  13. Brad23

    2010 Schwalbe line up!

    how does the size of the 2.4 BB compare with 2.35 MM? could I ride the 2.35 MMfr with that combo ya think?
  14. Brad23

    any good DH trails in northern CA?

    no lifts till Northstar, but it's worth it. You can shuttle both Santa Cruz and Auburn. Pacifica is great for hiking or pedaling up, some of the best scenery and trails, and the main pedal up can be done slogging a big ring (36 or so)
  15. Brad23

    Best flat pedals that come with long pins

    Point1, they have a great feel and look t*ts!! Plus you'll always be standing on the podium;)
  16. Brad23

    lightest flat bar with sweep

    Thats pretty much what I have and I love it. Great feel, I only wish it was black or nickel.
  17. Brad23

    Shimano Saint 83mm BB compatible with Atlas FR cranks

    I was told (by my mechanic) the x-drive is a special spline matched (at least by batches) to the cranks they come with. What the deal? (special Stenfield voice)
  18. Brad23


    I talked LJ at the Turner booth at Sea Otter and he said the first run is a small one and is almost all preorders. They are saying it will be here in June, with a bigger run right after that. Personally, I've officially stopped waiting, I just rode my mates Jedi and it IS magic!
  19. Brad23

    Are Kenda tires really that bad?

    depends on what kind of dirt and how wet... at Northstar I love the Nev FR's with tubes. It's very dry and dusty there though, with granite rocks (not too sharp). One of my teamates raced a whole season on his set without issue. I have a new set just waiting for northstar.
  20. Brad23

    Best DH gloves?

    I love my Rockgardn gloves, I will be getting another pair soon. They thin but durable, they stay pretty cool, and have carbon knuckle protection. They fit my hand perfectly and haven't stretched or shrunk in the wash. The bee's knees Itellya! :thumb: