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  1. braaaap

    Stolen Bike at the WC

    As if Chris and Lance were not having a bad enough month! Poor Canfield brothers can't get a break!
  2. braaaap

    Broken Brother... Canfields are down

    Just thought I would give a quick update on Chris and his current status. Due to a sub aortic aneurism in his clavicular artery Chris had to be transferred to the University of Utah medical hospital from Jackson Hole Wyoming via life flight hellicopter. Upon arrival he was admitted into the...
  3. braaaap

    Broken Brother... Canfields are down

    NO BUENO... I have no doubt Chris will pull through this. The man is tough. As for the whole insurance crap... It's looking like Chris will have to pay the majority himself. I have donated to the fund, and encourage everyone the same good karma. Get well soon Brotha, can't wait to see you soon.
  4. braaaap

    USA Pan Am Championships team announced

    How can we find the results of qualification and finals? GO MITCH!
  5. braaaap

    Canfield Jedi 2011 Proto

    Damn sexy... Had the chance to rip it around a bit over the past weekend at Bootleg. Felt super tight, responsive and freaking smooth. Good thing I got my pre-order in! Can't wait to ride it this year.
  6. braaaap

    Advantages of Carbon Handlebars--Vibration?

    I have been running a set of the ENVE dh bars ( I cut them down to 30.5") for roughly a month now. After multiple trips to bootleg canyon and St George / Virgin Ut. I must say that I notice a difference. It's a feeling that is tough to elaborate or explain. It's similar to running low pressure...
  7. braaaap

    DH riding in South America?

    Awesome info guys! I am not sure where I will be heading. Wanted to get some specific info before I purchased all of my tickets. Sounds like Chile may be on the schedule! Once I make specific plans, I will share them and try to give some detailed dates and locations. Fellow monkeys, your help is...
  8. braaaap

    DH riding in South America?

    Looking into travel plans down south...Wanted to know the hot spots for decent DH. Anyone have some recommendations? Must sees? Looking for gravity fed dh. Thanks guys,
  9. braaaap

    Got Crampons

    I freaking love my Crampons! I own both the old style and the new style. To be honest, I like the new style better than the old. The old style seemed to hook up almost too well. As far as durability, they are unmatched. I am the kind of guy that goes through a couple of pair of pedals per...
  10. braaaap

    Stolen Bike Alert - Salt Lake City

    It is just like the one on Leppers garage?
  11. braaaap

    wc schladming thread

    For the record...Mitch isn't with his dad. With limited funds, his dad had to send him off with another local family (Nick Hadley and his parents). I have spoken with his dad daily and it's killing him to be home. I hope this kid can get an out of industry sponsor to back him and throw some...
  12. braaaap

    Mitch Ropelato's Jedi Stolen

    From what I understand...The Canfield Bro's are stepping up and giving him another Jedi! (Huge props to the Canfield's) It's tough for a small company like the Canfields to hand over another one of their baby's. I guess it's another month of Ramen noodles for Chris and Lance.
  13. braaaap

    National Champs at SolVista Bike Park

    Or...you could just go ahead and delete my latest post all together.... CLASSY!
  14. braaaap

    Video: Mitch Ropelato takes 4X win at Angel Fire MSC #3

    Freaking RAD! The kid has skillllls. My favorite part was his warm up runs, throwing all kinds of steeeze!
  15. braaaap

    Strong & light rims for DH?

    THE EDGE COMPOSITE DH WHEEL Super light...and tough as hell. (but not cheap) Ask Mitch Ropelatto, the kid who won the Angel Fire Pro Men 4X as and 2nd in Jr X DH... Hey cracked his front hoop..the rock he hit would have completely ruined/ destroyed any DH wheel.. The front hoop stayed...
  16. braaaap

    New Thin Flat Pedals from the Bro's

    Ok, I am a Canfield sponsored rider, and I am a bit biased..so go ahead and flame away Sandwich. I do have facts to give and I can tell you from experience (Unlike almost everyone on this entire forumn) these pedals are simply amazing. I have ridden them off and on throughout the proto stage as...
  17. braaaap

    MSC#3 Angel Fire

    What can I say....I am a slow learner. In all honesty, I think the two hours is just too little. Look...we are all out to just have a good time, and when you put a tight schedule and limited time constraints on us, the fun get's lost in the rush of trying to get those key runs in. Waiting in...
  18. braaaap

    MSC#3 Angel Fire

    Yeah, guys relax...Im totally stoked to be racing Angel Fire. I have raced it for several years and will continue to do so. I guess I am just voicing my frustrations about limited practice time because I want to be able to practice and do my ususal "course inspections" in my own weird anal...
  19. braaaap

    MSC#3 Angel Fire

    My thoughts exactly....It's funny, that's why I enjoyed the MSC races...Of all the race organizers, they seemed to get it. All day practices, great atmosphere, fun race courses etc. Now they are slamming us with a maximum of 2 hrs of course time per day. LAME. That's not such a great way to get...
  20. braaaap

    MSC#3 Angel Fire

    Yeah, I am also here to say that this 2 hour practice is total crap. Talk about giving the locals an advantage! You mean to tell me that I am going to drive 16 hours from Salt Lake City and only get two hours of course time per day...LAME. Let me guess, next thing you are going to tell me is...