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  1. morethanjake543

    2012 prototypes: keep 'em coming!

    KHE came out with something like this for bmx. it was called the anchor bar/stem combo. Anyways, that business snapped and nobody really felt comfortable running them. I know leverage is different on these much-lower dh bars, but still. If a bar moves in it's stem, it's almost always saving...
  2. morethanjake543

    Brakes and confidence

    Pants, shoe laces, and other things tend to get stuck in V-brakes if you're scuffing or doing those crazy old thyme bmx tricks.
  3. morethanjake543

    Just how bad is the Un-slacked Socom

    I love my second hand '08 socom. Sadly, I decided to buy it right before my slowest season so far, but I haven't really been any happier with a frame. It has an '10 vivid on there and it feels amazing. Maybe it's just me used to 5.5" of pushed travel, but the bike is snappy and can plow and it...
  4. morethanjake543

    DH + College

    See: Work to live Vs. Living to work argument. If you're trying to get an education just so that you can get paid, you're doing it wrong. Degrees help you get where you want to go but they definitely don't define you. This isn't some argument over identity and whether or not your time spent...
  5. morethanjake543

    DH + College

    I second UC Santa Cruz. Though, you should definitely take that with a grain of salt. Why? I'd recommend going to community college for two years. That certainly doesn't sound classy, but some of the people I have the most faith in are people who didn't go straight to uni out of highschool...
  6. morethanjake543

    do YOU trust 1-1/8 long travel singlecrowns?

    Oops. Sorry. Guess I forgot to add "single crown" to that. I mean, cool point and all, but you'd figure most people would be able to pick up on the meaning thanks to the given context in the thread and my post and all that? Is there some huge selection of 1.5" DC forks sitting around that I...
  7. morethanjake543

    do YOU trust 1-1/8 long travel singlecrowns?

    I broke my 180mm 07' 66rc2x. I'm not a hack, but I definitely put the fork through it's paces. It survived two seasons of northstar, whistler, racing, and the occasional overshooting. Jumps weren't ever massive and the drops I hit were at most 12 feet to tranny. The last week before it...
  8. morethanjake543

    dubstep vs real music

    Yeah, that's a good idea guys. Stick to your oppositional grammars and keep the bull**** running. After all, something HAS to be better than the other. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from giving something that you don't initially agree with any amount of inspection. Because it's not...
  9. morethanjake543

    Trip to Whistler with AT&T cellphone service - Advice needed

    There are plenty of wifi spots near the lifts for you to get your cuppa and skype on. I bought ten dollars of skype minutes and got by with a few small conversations from that coffee shop right next to the glc. I was only there for a week but it worked out. When are you going up? I've been...
  10. morethanjake543

    Cambria Fork Blowouts

    This isn't spam. Just an indirect, "You should have probably named this sale something a little less damning" sort of post. Seriously guys. This would've made more sense if it was about fox forks. Just sayin'.
  11. morethanjake543

    Best place tolive/ride in Northern California?

    Ever hear of downieville? Sounds like it'd be a perfect setting for one of your singletrack wet dreams. Only problem is that it definitely isn't close the bay. Still norther ca, tho.
  12. morethanjake543

    No more Jugs

    Suite. So many things I still wanted to accomplish on that trail - shoulda' never touched those brakes in the first place. At least no one will have to worry about clipping their bars on those trees again. ): Here's to clean slates!
  13. morethanjake543

    Mammoth Bar DH is now a Super D for 2011!

    So pumped. I'll definitely be making the drive out from santa cruz for this!
  14. morethanjake543

    New Specialized P24 BMX!!!!

    Why do all of the p24 sneak peaks say, "spec isn't jumping on the 22inch bandwagon yet?" Because, you know, I never really thought there was a wagon for jumping on to being with.
  15. morethanjake543

    The big question fox rc2 40 2010 vs boxxer wc 2010

    I have a friend who runs the 888 evo and is calling it marzo's great return to the good-ole'-days. I broke my 66rc2x and decided to upgrade to the 888evo TI via crash replacement. After catching some of the guys at sea otter, I got sent through customer service quickly and got everything taken...
  16. morethanjake543

    quick self edited film

    Shooting and editing that business by yourself has got take a bunch of time. That's cool though, and you look fast - especially when you hook some of those turns. I really liked it when you hit the camera stand.
  17. morethanjake543

    Yelling at people

    I ended up going up there with a few roads off of 50 that I wanted to try out. But then I passed out in front of a vent in my hotel room and woke up without a voice. Boo only getting to ride once or twice a year, and then sicking through it. I really wish cold weather was more healthy. Thanks...
  18. morethanjake543

    Yelling at people

    I watch Dr. Strangelove way too often and it just so happens that I had popped it into the TV before one of my late night editing sessions. Also, I really suck at coming up with titles.
  19. morethanjake543

    Yelling at people

    Hey. So I made this short about yelling at people for school. Heckling. Whatever you want to call it. It's nine minutes long, has a gnarly slow-motion segment with a bare ass and a bike crash, and it is really all about racing. That's enough of me "selling" it. I took footage from a local...