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  1. Segunda

    My idea for a new style of bike

    Only 2“? Gotta go Full Retard... I have a feeling 26“ could be the sweet spot.
  2. Segunda

    Random Picture Thread

    Looks flexy...
  3. Segunda

    Random Picture Thread

    7/10 would bang, but wouldn't brag about it.
  4. Segunda

    Who Here Still Rocks The Old School Hucking Monsters?

    Have a Cortina Europe FS from the early 2000's in a box that I just moved house with me for the third time. Used it as an Enduro avant-le-lettre. Would love to do a build with modern parts, wide bars, propper tires, Boss hardware, ditch the guides, some bearings with actual seals. What's the...
  5. Segunda

    Random Picture Thread

    So full of WTF... Intriguing tough...
  6. Segunda

    Random Picture Thread

    Are those 650B's ? Looks unrideable...
  7. Segunda


    •15mm remains useless regardless...
  8. Segunda

    Santa Cruz now Dutch

    Nice, can we go back to 26, and have threads in our brackets now ?
  9. Segunda

    Orange 324

    Would hit...
  10. Segunda

    Yo, JonKranked...

    Finally someone giving some exposure to the Custom-worn bizz. Noobs being Noobs tough wouldn't this require a pre-worn Powerlink? F/s the ultimate custom-worn forkseals! PM for details!
  11. Segunda

    Ben W's latest creation ;)

    No Boost?
  12. Segunda

    Identify this bike

    You nicked a nugget to': Triton DS ~2005, would sell my kidneys first... On the other hand, Toptube says Kalo MTB, OP might be the one who got scammed :D
  13. Segunda

    AM hardtail

    6'something here , Large Vagrant would advise Medium! Aside: BTR stuff looks awesome...
  14. Segunda

    Ohlins fork - for realz

    Ah, a nice plastic TPC cartridge ;-)
  15. Segunda

    E13 components?

    Still running the 2007 DH Crankset, best investment ever...
  16. Segunda

    NSMB review of an *GASP* E-bike....and the sh!tstorm that followed

    I'm pretty afraid of big LiPo batteries x zillion Volts + dry pine shit...
  17. Segunda

    i dont like this new layout

    Move breakpoints and fontsize down. Lots of wasted whitespace. Fuck mobile anywayz, conduits!=barriers.
  18. Segunda

    'Name This Bike' Competition

    Wheels look small... Does it come in rootbeer?! 'MoarrShimz Enduro Evo 1' '666LT'