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  1. sampo

    morzine 13 to 23 of july

    Nice shot, you and Steve were ripping that section. Hows that rear wheel holding? ;) A buddy of mine got a pretty nice shot of the stepdown at Morgins Steve had to come along and show me up tho :rolleyes:
  2. sampo

    morzine 13 to 23 of july

    Ben, I just spent a fortnight riding with Adam in the Alps and just want to give a shout-out saying thanks for the work you guys have put in over there. Morgins is riding amazing, the Chatel slopestyle looks great and Champery is a class act. Wish I could be there for the WC! Best of luck...
  3. sampo

    New Yeti ASX

    I cracked mine all the way across the toptube just behind the toptube/headtube weld. It was 2 and 1/2 years old, and I'm not heavy (60kg) so watch out for that. Just riding in whistler and noticed it at the bottom of a run...
  4. sampo

    another "gear for whistler thread" - pike race vs 66rc2x

    Another vote for the 66SL. It is sub 6lb, but just as strong and stiff as the RC2X. 150-170mm travel (and it can be run below 150 easily, although this is not endorsed by Marzocchi). It is so tunable as well, can be set up for any kind of riding. Just make sure that you break it in and...
  5. sampo

    anyone tried the 661 core saver/Dainese safety waistcoat

    Yeah, I'd like to hear some input into this also - any opinions?
  6. sampo

    What should i take? 888RC VS 66RC2X

    My 06 66SL feels as stiff as the super T it replaced. OK the super T was not quite as stiff as 888's but it was still plenty stiff enough for all but the heaviest riders. Unless you are heavy (70kg so ur not!) and planning on riding DH only, go with the 66. They can easily cope with DH and...
  7. sampo

    I'm a goin to Whistlah!!!!

    Im coming over from the UK and staying from the 1st July to 2nd September with Ticket2rideBC , cannot wait! End of gap year thing. Hoping to try as much as possible out there, will be based in Whistler but obviously want to ride the shore etc. Roll on summer...
  8. sampo

    Yeti as-X vs. Sinister Splinter MX

    I run a chirs king ISO rear on my ASX and would like to stiffen up the back end. Would upgrading to the heavy duty bolt-thru axle help, I believe that it is compatible with QR dropouts (like on ASX) with an adapter?
  9. sampo

    marzocchi 66 info?????

    Well I've just swapped over to the 66SL from a set of Stendec tuned 03 Super T's and the fork is smoother and more controlled in all situations. It feels very sticky for the first 5 or so hours of riding due to all the seals bedding in, however now it feels like a top line coil fork. I cannot...
  10. sampo

    Worthwhile purchase? asx vs my bighit

    gangstamaxx, you must have had that ASX set up all wrong, mine is brilliant. No offence intended, however I suggest you learn how to set up a shock. Selling a bike after 30 mins on it, you cant have even tried to set it up right... :rolleyes: I would never trade my ASX for a bighit, or...
  11. sampo

    If you were going to buy a new flat pedal right now...

    Over here in the UK, the Burgtec Penthouse Flat have caused quite a stir. Many of the UK DH flat pedal pros are running these now, including 'the don' Neil Donogue. However, they are a little heavier than you wanted at 690g. www.burgtec.co.uk...
  12. sampo

    ASX Question

    7" coil with 40% sag, that how I run mine and love it.
  13. sampo

    66 reviews

    Just remember that with the RC2X only one spring is available (stock) so getting the correct spring rate is tricky unless you are ~12-13 stone. The air preload will let you get the right sag, but wont alter the spring rate much. So if you are around those weights the RC2X is great, if you...
  14. sampo


    Guys, I would really like to know how this turns out as I am in the same weight range as this guy and am seriously considering the 66SL. So please, tell us what happens!
  15. sampo

    Marzocchi vs Fox

    I'm in exactly the same position, thinking of replacing my 03 super T on my ASX with either the Van RC2 or the 66SL. Keep the feedback coming please, especially anyone who has experience of either of these forks.
  16. sampo

    Push an RC or get a Different shock

    My brother just had his vanilla RC pushed (race system) by TFTuned shox and is loving it at the moment. Seems to pedal really well and the damping is so much better than stock. You are basically getting a new, works level shock when you do this so I think its a no brainer.
  17. sampo

    Yeti ASX - Fork Advice Please

    I do fancy the 36Van on it, I find that with the fifth set up properly @35-40% sag the BB height isnt an issue. I had the 5th serviced and tuned at TFTuned Shox, these are the guys who do Steve Peat's amongst others and they really know their stuff. I havent even tried it in 6'' mode, I've...
  18. sampo

    new fork

    ...except that the new 999r carts are unproven and the boxxcarts used to blow through their seals in about 17 seconds. Nice while they worked though, and a few people managed to avoid problems. Also, unless you are in the UK, tech support would be tricky. I'd wait until reviews of the 06...
  19. sampo

    Yeti ASX - Fork Advice Please

    Hello, I'm new on here, and searching though some older posts I noticed quite a few of you have ASX's. I run a small 04 ASX with 03 super T's on it at the moment. I live in the UK, and will be coming over the whistler area for 2 months next season. Anyways, I quite fancy moving over to a...